Dilemma: Returning item bought 2.5 hrs away???

  1. My post in a previous thread lead me to seek other opinions:

    I live 2.5 hours away from Atlanta which is the closest "LV store" to me. During one of my famous, "I HAVE to HAVE it NOW" moments I bought a Trunks & Bags PM Agenda this past Saturday.

    Now that I'm home and sane, going back to the store isn't really an option, and return by mail probably isn't either. I could sell it online maybe, but I'm concerned I won't get back at least what I paid.

    I have a cerifiable shopping problem. I have got to stop buying things just because I have to have it at THAT! moment. I suppose I'll figure something out but please offer any suggestions!

    We all know the clocks-a-ticking on the return policy, t-minus 5 days... :sweatdrop:
  2. you really hav me stumped on this one
  3. Call Louis Vuitton's 866 number or try calling the store and ask if you could return it by mail. It's worth a shot!
  4. I say take the drive. You will not have to worry about selling and shipping it.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, please keep them coming.

    866 suggest I FedEx to the store packaged with everything that came with it, including the orig receipt and insuring it...

    So I'll price that out. Thanks guys.
  6. If you are not willing to take the drive, I'd go with the aforementioned option. It may be cheaper to send it back than to drive there and back? I'm not sure...
  7. RESOLVED: I'm over the buyers remorse. It took me to join the LV agenda club to see all the benefits to owning this little baby!

    The store couldn't have it back now even if they paid me! I've learned how to transform my TnB Agenda (trunks n bags) into a agendwallet, lol. How nifty, I got an agenda/orgainzer/wallet, all in one. And I've got to be the only gal in Augusta with an Authentic TnB Agenda, LOL. I may the only one that knows there is a such thing a TnB Agenda. Or at least it's fun feeling like a trendsetter.

    Thank you all, I'll be adding pics as soon as I'm done putting it all together. Waiting for some "parts" to arrive.

  8. I would just drive back as its a high ticket item.
  9. I was going to say just use it and love it, but you beat me to it!
  10. LOL, well it would've been good advice, I swear I always get PP (post partum(sp?) shoppers edition. But everything is well and fine now.