Dilemma - Reissue Calf vs Caviar

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  1. How much is the reissue 266 calf now?
  2. $5500 USD + tax
  3. Distressed calf, I'm not a big fan of the caviar reissues. My distressed calf is very durable.
  4. Calf. When I think of reissue, I automatically think of calf first thing because it's such a classic combination. Having own both in the reissue, I can tell you that the calf is still extremely durable.

    Good luck deciding.
  5. +1
  6. Distressed calf.
  7. Distressed calf for sure! It is such a beautiful bag! I have two young toddlers and never have to
    worry about carrying the distressed calf with them. Good luck!
  8. reissue calf! i think the caviar looks better with the classic.
  9. like caviar all the time. vote for caviar, but not a big fan for re-issue.
  10. I totally agree!
  11. I have ressue in black caviar. beautiful and no worries in taking care of it
  12. Same here.
  13. From my experience, aged calf needs no babying, easy to maintain and is my preferred choice for reissue. I bought the burgundy caviar when this combination (my favourite) when it came out last year as it was not available in aged calf for quite some time. I also find caviar slightly more dressy, hence I got it in small size, 2.55. HTHs!

    Left: Aged Calf, Right: Caviar
  14. Distress calf...any day :smile:
  15. Vote for distressed calf... i think caviar just not perfect for reissue :smile: