Dilemma - Reissue Calf vs Caviar

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  1. I am thinking of getting a reissue in size 226 but am torn between the 2! On one hand, caviar is tough and you do not have to baby it and calf seems more fragile to me but on the other hand, calf reissue ghw is a classic. Calf also seems to be nicer than caviar for reissues. .any advice is much appreciated! !
  2. I love my reissue in calf. It is my go-to bag. The caviar just doesn't look quite right to me. I don't think it's too fragile at all. I carry my toddler in my arms on my hip with my reissue on my shoulder all the time. He's bouncing around, feet kicking my bag and not a scratch. I have a dark gray bag. A lighter color might not do as well. But I couldn't be happier with my reissue.
  3. what is the difference between calf and caviar, i am new to chanel and SA told me classic flap in calf leather is called caviar?
  4. The reissue caviar is actually more like soft caviar, rather than the hard caviar that the classic flaps are made in. This means it's more prone to scuffs. I actually think the reissue in calf is tougher and is easier to blend in scuffs. When I visited the store to check out the reissue caviar, the store version already had a number of scuffs on the back so I'd think you'll have to take a bit of care with it.
  5. Caviar is a type of calf; it's got little "pebbles" of texture to it. They apply this texture to the calfskin. The reissue bags are normally made in a distressed type of calfskin.
  6. Calf for sure!
  7. Is the reissue in caviar always and currently available? I saw a photo of the caviar reissue on one of the threads recently, and it looks so beautiful.
  8. Caviar is a seasonal material for the reissues. There are currently some caviar bags still floating around (they came out in the early fall of last year).
  9. Thank you! Very helpful!
  10. My first reissue was a caviar and then my next was the distressed calf. To me they are both very durable and I don't baby either. I use them when it's raining/snowing and park them on my shelf without dustbag or felt most of the time and they look fine. I think you should go for the one you like more without needing to worry about durability/maintenance.
  11. I prefer the distressed calf :smile:
  12. Prefer reissue in distressed calf
  13. i love my reissue caviar.Unique but still classic:smile:
  14. If you are worried about durability, you can do just about anything to a distressed calf bag and it won't show and will clean up good as new.
  15. I prefer the distressed calf vs caviar. It's more attractive,
    IMO, and I like that it's classic vs seasonal.