Dilemma! Preloved White MC Alma from 2003, Should I keep her??

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    Hi Fellow TPF'ers!!

    I purchased a preloved White MC Alma for $486 on Ebay and having second thoughts because I've never had a white LV before and the thought is a bit terrifying. I've already had the bag authenticated. The bag is on her way to me now.

    The listing states the Leather Exterior has Been Refinished and when I asked the seller where that was done - the seller responded that the bag went through the reconditioning process at Louis Vuitton.

    A TPF member told me that with her Alma MC from 2003, the white MC pieces were discoloured from red alcantara, and were replaced at Louis Vuitton.

    I am curious if they would replace the actual white MC canvas that was discolored from the red alcantara? I thought they would not do any repairs if there was to be cracked canvas ect...

    For the white MC Alma that I bought, it was the leather exterior and base of the bag that has been refinished. The seller told me that the bag went through the reconditioning process at Louis Vuitton. Do you think they also replaced the canvas as well, not just the leather exterior?

    This is the White MC Alma from 2003 that I've purchased for $486 from Ebay. The bag looks very white in the pictures - I hope it is not just the lighting.

    Are there any tricks to keep it white/clean as long as possible and prevent color transfer from clothing? The seller has a 14 days return policy hence me having second thoughts as this is an impulse purchase.









    Do you think this bag is worth it for $486? Even though the leather exterior has been refinished -- it is still leather right? I worry because it looks kind of plastic now.

    Anyone with experiences with the Louis Vuitton reconditioning process could please offer me your advise?

    Thank you!!
  2. Its a great deal you got on the bag. Retake pics after it arrived and get it authenticated here if you are worried about authenticity.

    I have no experience with LV repair/reconditioning. But I don;t think the canvas was changed.

    Keep in mind that MC line is being discontinued, so IMO the bag price of MC is going down? I may be wrong about it though.
  3. LV doesn't have a reconditioning process?? The only thing they do is replace the leather.
  4. I don't know how much the bags cost in 2003, but $486 sounds like a great price. The bag appears to be in nice condition.

    I change my mind all the time, if you're already having second thoughts and you haven't received it yet, that would lead me to believe you should return it. In the future I wouldn't do impulse eBay purchases just because of a return policy. I only say this because while the seller accepts returns, the process of getting the bag back, applying for a fee credit, eating the shipping costs and relisting isn't fun for the seller, plus usually when a bag is relisted it's almost impossible to sell if for more money because most savvy buyers know to check the completed history. I think the bag looks nice and your concerns aren't about the condition of the bag, but whether or not you can take care of a white handbag, I would have considered that prior to purchase. (I know myself, I don't own anything white, azur included!)

    None of my sellers have had return polices, so I usually end up reselling to Yoogis or Fashionphile. I would check with them before returning because a few times I made a profit!
  5. +1!
  6. If it's real, it's a great price. You will not find cheaper.

    Some things to note: The exterior is canvas, not leather. Only the vachetta pieces are leather. Which did she have replaced? The vachetta, or the white canvas? If she claims it's the white canvas, she's not being truthful with you.
  7. The leather is beautiful, the price is great I would keep it.
  8. Hi, The bag has been deemed as looks good but I will take my own pictures of it when it arrives for confirmation as well.

    The seller stated in the listing that the leather exterior has been refinished. She never said the canvas was replaced -- that was me asking if that could be the case since it looks so white :smile:

    I am actually very happy with the bag and the price -- I am just so scared to make her dirty hence the second thoughts :smile:
  9. Is it me or is that patina to flawless not a mark on it., esp the bottom. I baby mine to death and the patina doesn't look like that . Looks off to me
  10. For that price it's a good deal, and I'm sure you authenticated here before buying it . Thrm it's a good deal
    And the patina is gorgeous
  11. The vachetta is too flawless and too even, especially the bottom. LV doesn't refinish or recondition. I think the seller had the vachetta "dyed/recolored" ? Looks really off to me. Just my opinion though...
  12. The vachetta has no marks.. that's kinda odd. Please post pics when you get it!!
  13. I got it and returned it right away. It was much worse in person. The handles were extremely sticky and it looked like the leather had been painted on hence the even patina look.

    It also came packed horribly and fold in half--- yep fold in half!! It was all distorted and out of shape when I got it out of the box...

    Thank god for 14 day return policy!!
  14. +1
  15. Hope everything goes smoothly for you after returning!