Dilemma: Pomme French purse OR Pomme agenda?


Pomme agenda OR Pomme French purse.....

  1. Pomme Agenda

  2. Pomme French Purse

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  1. I have never used an agenda.....I have forced myself to use one for a few yrs now & it's not working. Of course, I bought them in the beginning of the year & after a month or two, they are sitting on my bookshelf collecting dusts. :rolleyes: So if I get the Pomme agenda, I may not "continue" to use it. The problem is that I already have a white MC French purse....do I need another one in the same style? (I have no interest in other styles though). What do you ladies think? What should I do? Also, there is a big price difference between the agenda & the french purse too. If I get an expensive, pretty agenda, do you think I will start using it? I am so undecisive! Please help!
  2. i find the medium agenda the most useful and comfortable to write in, and since the Vernis agendas only come in the small size, i'd go for the French Purse. it looks so pretty in the Pomme d'Amour color :love:
  3. I vote Agenda!!!
  4. I've been leaning toward getting an agenda when I'm in Paris.. it can double as a wallet!
  5. go for the wallet since it seems that you would use it more.
  6. I think you should go for the wallet, since you might not use the agenda. Agenda's are a habit to get into and sometimes it might not be as useful to you as somebody else. However, the Pomme is such a gorgeous color -whichever you choose will be an eye candy!
  7. I think you should get the Agenda first and then the wallet at a later time. ;)
  8. ITA! But you can easily transfer the agenda to wallet w/filofax inserts if it didn't work out as agenda for you:yes:
  9. Hmmmm...tough decision. Seems like you don't really need either, but want something in pomme. I would say get the agenda, because you can use it for your LV wishlist, extra cc's, extra coins if you add a zip pouch (filofax), and business cards, even if you don't use it for scheduling. Just consider it extra storage. Although I love the french purse in pomme, will you really rotate wallets? If you're anything like me...probably not. I have a hard enough time switching bags! :p I can't imagine switching wallets too! That's WAY too much trouble.
  10. agenda !
  11. I voted agenda. Like someone else said, you can always use it as a wallet if you really don't use it as an agenda!
  12. french purse!!~
  13. Agenda! Too cute not to use it.
  14. I say agenda.
    Having a beautiful LV agenda may encourage you to use it more often just to look at it! :smile:
  15. french purse...:love: