Dilemma please Help!


Jan 14, 2010
Southern CA
Hi Guys,

I have a bit of a dilemma. I just read on here that there will be a price increase here in the US for LV on Feb 1st. I originally was thinking of getting one of the spring/summer bags but I don't really want to pay the increased amount. I also was thinking of getting a portobello pm if I don't get the spring/summer bag. Because of the price increase I was thinking of getting the portobello in the next few weeks before Feb 1st. Should I get the portobello before the price increase or wait for the spring/summer bags to come out? Any ideas or insight on this situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance:smile:


Jul 6, 2012
Beautiful San Diego!!
I believe the spring/summer bag would cost more, I was thinking of the noefull.
If you know you want that one for sure I would buy that now.
But if your like me and change your mind ALL the time and might like something else by the time spring get here.. And I hear they are coming out with new Azur bags.. So I'm no help really!! Good Luck ;)