Dilemma, please help!

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  1. I bought a Luminese PM in Ombre shortly after the bags launched. My straps started cracking and it didn't bother me so I never brought it in to be fixed. The cracking has gotten worse and I finally took the bag in for repair. They told me the color was discontinued and they would either repair or exchange the bag. I just got a call from the manager saying they can repair it but my bag also has some cracking on the sides and he will look for a replacement bag for me. The problem is, he says the bags in this line tend to chip and that it's likely it will happen again. He is also offering an exchange or store credit.

    I love my Luminese and I love the Ombre color, it's my go to casual bag. It's so durable, other than the cracking issue. Should I get another bag? I was looking at the Brea Epi Electric PM in Black but I thought I would have the Luminese for a more casual look.

    My collection consists of a Galleria Azur PM, a Retro Cherry Blossom, a BV, an Alma PM in Amarante, a Mono Eva, a Sarah in Pomme and a black chanel shoulder bag w/SHW.

    I'd love any advice form you love ladies and gents. Thanks for getting through my rambling!
  2. I would stay with the ombré, it's a gorgeous bag. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise and the second time around just be more aware of how much weight is put into the bag and how it's handled? I love the lumi and I am currently saving up for one!
  3. I'm actually really careful with my bags and I don't normally over-load it. I am under the impression it just a glazing problem with the bag.
  4. I think it's probably just what happens to the bag. For that amout of money that shouldn't happen. They are aware that's not ok by offering you a different bag or store credit. I'd get something different IMO. Although, I'm sure it's tough since it's a really pretty bag.
  5. Oh good! If your heart is set on it I would get another. I know me personally wouldn't be able to get another bag because I would look back and say oh I wish I would have gotten that bag since they don't have it anymore and waited to get this one... I always like something, and then I love it when I don't have it anymore.
  6. If you are ok with the possibility of it happening again, I would get another one. I am not sure that I would want to spend that much money on a bag knowing it had that problem.....If you love the bag, get a new one otherwise are there any others you were interested in?
  7. I agree. The fact that they know this is an issue and are willing to exchange or give you store credit tells me that this will happen again. I wouldn't want to spend this much money on something that's not going to hold up over time. Good luck deciding!
  8. I would probably go for the artsy in empriente line.

    I think if you replaced it with another lumi, you would end up with the same issue - particularly as you said you don't overload your bag...
  9. I am leaning towards getting another bag instead because I did spend a LOT of money on it and I hate to think it'll start cracking again. So far here are the bags that are on my list:

    Brea MM in Epi Electric Black - Beautiful bag, love the patent on this and I love that it has SHW. Con is that it's not a casual bag and I wonder if it is too similar to the Alma.

    Portobello PM - I love hobos but I am not really a canvas girl. I could also get something else if I got this bag and I haven't seen it in person.

    Sevigne Clutch in Epi Electric - This is such a pretty bag. It's not practical and I could only wear it on date nights but I love that the strap is detachable.

    Evora MM - This is pretty much the same style as the Luminese but I just don't know about spending that much on a canvas bag.
  10. Why not be bad and get a Mahina?! Once you buy LV leather, it's hard to buy canvas again.
  11. +1
  12. There are a few reasons why I haven't considered the Mahina line. First, I'm not in LVOE with any of the Mahina bags. Second, I just bought a Chanel 2 months ago, if I "buy" another bag my husband will kill me. Lastly, I haven't decided if I think the Mahinas are worth the price tags. Don't get me wrong beautiful but fOr the price, I may look at Chanel.

    But you are right, once you go for leather it's hard to go back to canvas.