Dilemma, please help.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Got myself in a little sad situation and need some advice (sorry if posted in wrong subforum).

    The case: bought a preloved vintage LV on eBay. Got in authenticated here, and it was thumbs up! I just have to say I'm not blaming anyone, and I love and TRUST the authenticators here! Well, got the bag, same as in pics. Sent positive feedback and all was good.

    Then i noticed that a rivet (is that what the buttons are called?) needed replacement. I live 8 hours from LV, but got my brother to bring it in. And they said: "most likely not their product". Since I'm past the 30 days on eBay and PayPal, what would you do if it was you?

    I've tried to contact the seller, but so far no reply. Is there a possibility the SA at LV can be wrong? The bag is supposed to be 20yrs+ and discontinued. Any point in trying to get the SA's at LV to check again? Or should I just accept my loss gracefully?

  2. I'm sorry this happened. That bites. I don't think in buying anymore preloved items unless I'm familiar w seller. That scares me.
  3. Definitely take the bag back and ask to speak to a manager! Many of the SA's (especially younger ones) have no clue when it comes to vintage items. Heck, many of them don't even have a clue about current or upcoming collections. Ask if you can talk to whoever is in charge of repairs.
  4. Hello, sorry to hear about this. I would try LV again, ensuring (assuming this has not already been done) that a senior SA who is conversant with 20+ discontinued lines has a good look at your bag? I think the main point here is that you need to determine if your bag is authentic and be 100% sure it is or not before dealing with the seller.

    I own 20+ bags who have needed some minor repairs, such a stitch or rivet replacement, or reglazing, thankfully my favourite SA who has been working for LV all her life (nearing retirement soon) knew about all the bags, even their history. The younger SAs did not and challenged one bag.

    If your bag is indeed a fake, that would be so sad! In that case, you would have no other option to put this down to experience, but sincerely hope the seller would put things right.

    Good luck and keep us posted!
  5. I agree with the other posters and try again and even talk to a manager. The SA your brother went to may not be familiar with the item especially one that's over 20 years old. As others noted some SA's aren't even familiar with current stock and know nothing about future stock. A manager should at least be able to research the item from some sort of data base. If it is fake that would be really sad.
  6. Many SA's have no knowledge of vintage LV -- try again with the manager or leathergoods manager.
  7. Thanks guys! Will let you know when resolved, but it'll be weeks until I'm able to go to LV myself. At least I have a plan, thanks!
  8. yes dear,try to go back to the store.will be helpful if u googled a bit bout the bag tat u hv,like the style name n wat yr its been released so tat they can trace back the bag with their system.many SA dun hv knowledge bout the bags.im new here n ive learnt a lot from all the tpfers,when i went to the boutique n asked about some issues,the SA dun even hv a clue bout wat im talking about.till i hv to asked them to bring me the bag n ive to show them.gud luck!
  9. I am so sorry this happened :sad: hugs, why don't u send the bag by ups to the store ans ask them to check it. Advise the store manager beforehand that u will be sending the bag in. At least you will have the answer in a couple of days because the long wait would be killing me. Hope all will turn out well with a happy ending,
  10. This is so true!! The bag should be sent out for repair and if THEY say it's not authentic then you'll have the real answer. I still wouldn't go on the word of anyone in the store, when the bag is sent out for repair they are the ones who really know the product.
    Many SAs don't even the names of the current bags!
  11. What about posting it in the Authentication thread and let Addy or Lee take a look at it? At least you'll have peace of mind in the meantime until you get to the store.
  12. Contact someone at the LV site, not the store. I think you can send it to them & have them authenticate, especially since it's vintage.
  13. I'd try again to have it authenticated by LV, and if it does turn out that the first assessment was correct, to take it up with the seller. I'm sorry this happened though and hope it all works out well.
  14. Absolutely agree with everyone in here. Is it just me or are we the ones telling the SA's about their product - especially colours!
  15. Excellent point! :tup: