Dilemma over mini Chanel or Dior

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  1. I really want a light colour, preferably beige with shiny GHW Chanel rectangular mini in cavier. I saw someone recently bought the lambskin version at Heathorw. But seeing that the combination I want is probably an unborn unicorn, should I continue to hold out for it?

    Or should I go for the mini Lady Dior? I would get this in a heartbeat if I can get the grained calfskin in beige with GHW, but seeing that this is also an unborn unicorn, my other alternative is the lambskin version.

    I do annual trips to Europe and will be visiting London soon. And I think this could well be my last trip to Europe in a long while as my kids are starting primary school soon, hence need to get down on the traveling.

    Should I bite the bullet and get mini Lady Dior in lambskin? Or continue to hold out for the Chanel mini or mini grained Lady Dior?

    How resilient is the Lady Dior in lambskin? And in such fragile colour?
  2. Hi carebearz, I'm no Dior expert but I recently bit the bullet on my first Dior, which is a mini LD in lambskin. I also have a mini Chanel in caviar. Neither are beige so I can't comment on that but I will say that the Dior lambskin has held up so well, it is way tougher than I thought. Of course, doesn't mean it can be thrown around roughly. It has the lux feel of lambskin without the fragility of Chanel lambskin imo.

    If you're able to find a mini LD in the color combi you like, I think it is an excellent choice. But if it won't make you stop thinking/wondering about the mini Chanel or the LD in grained calfskin, it's better to pass. You don't want a bag that makes you feel like you "settled".
  3. Thanks, liznaj. That's really good advice! I still have 2 weeks to sleep on on it and see if I will develop the 'settled' feeling if I do get the LD lambskin!

    Thanks so much again for the insight!
  4. I don't know if the grained calfskin Lady Dior bags will be released again.

    The lambskin Lady Dior is incredible, as is the Caviar Chanel. You can't go wrong with either choice.
  5. Thanks, averagejoe! I actually already have 3 Chanel classics in various sizes. Do you think I should add variety with the LD?
  6. In that case, then yes to the Lady Dior. You can wear the mini Lady Dior differently from the Chanels (i.e. hand-held), which can give you a different look. The bag is so cute when hand-held.
  7. Thanks, averagejoe! Think I've almost made my my kind! Wish me luck on hunting it down in London!
  8. Another thought too is that Dior will look after your bag no matter what, unlike chanel that have changed their policy to stop servicing bags after they reach the age of 5 years. This alone has made me buy my first Dior bag myself as their after sales and care is exceptional (and none of the silly games you can sometimes get at Chanel). I also feel Dior is higher quality than Chanel overall because I see so many are getting faults with their classics at Chanel now and I suspect it is because of the demand there higher as their bags are so popular now, so faults are getting missed.
  9. Good luck! Please share pictures with us when you get your hands on it! :biggrin:
  10. Wishing you luck as well! And yes, as AJ said, please share if/when you get your new "baby"!