Dilemma over cles!

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  1. Hi all just wanted some opinions on the multicolor cles , I am lusting after the black multi cles but I don't know whether I'm just panic buying due to the increase and disappearance of
    The mc, I rang LV this morning and was told it was still an active product with no reasons to discontinue but we know that could be false.

    I already own a mono cles and have a hermes calvi plus a long champs pouch so should I buy the cles ? Please help 😊
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    If you really love it, buy it now.
  3. I love MC SLG's. they are such a fun pop of color and they just look happy...but edgy happy. Does that make sense? I say YES, my Black Sarah wallet is my favorite non-bag item. I also have an MC Alma but I think the smaller items are the way to go with this line.
  4. I think it is a lovely addition to anyones collection
    very cute and practical :smile:
  5. Thanks guys wish I could show this to my boyf who thinks I'm crazy ! I just don't know whether I'm going loopy because it's going to be discontinued 😒 I keep saying no more but honestly I think this will be my last piece for a while 🙊
  6. I love the mc slg's...especially the black.
  7. I have it and it's truly a great addition away from the classics. Go for it!!!
  8. ITA - I have the MC (grenade interior) key holder, and it's just the right amount of *ooomph* to brighten up the day! Your other SLG's have different purposes...mono cles is smaller (I use mine for mini Altoid mints, etc.) and Hermes calvi is a fold-over piece, so the MC will not *compete* with the others. I say go for it, regardless of the increase!
  9. If you love it, then you should get it!
  10. I'd get it before the increase then see how you feel about it once it's home. You can always return/exchange if your feelings change about it.
  11. If you've really been wanting it, buy it!
  12. +1
  13. I think it's lovely, get it :smile: you can always return if you change your mind
  14. Get it! Mc is fab for slg's
  15. +1