dilemma on two boxes : (

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  1. helpful ladies of tpf!
    i am watching two bids on two same black box
    both are in good condition
    one is 2006 with dustbag, mirror and extra tassels
    one is unknown year nothing else except the bag and the shoulder strap
    price difference is 80 USD

    i know its a small difference
    but there's the currency difference + shipping
    and possibility of higher bid for the higher price one

    im leaning towards the lesser since i still want to save
    and there's more bid for the higher price one
    so more possibilities that it will go over

    what do you all think?
  2. hmm, i do like to have the full package when i buy a bag, in case i want to sell it on eventually, but if you want to save the extra $$$$ then go for the less expensive.
  3. I think if you can, go for the one that has everything with it. It's always nice to have the complete package :yes:

    The other one sounds just as good though if you're only really interested in the bag, and you don't care much about the dust bag or mirror. For me, I'd like the dust bag at least, but the lack of a mirror wouldn't bother me as I don't use them.
  4. For me, I would pay more to have the dustbag, tassels, cards, etc but that's because I'm super anal about that kind of stuff :rolleyes: If you are only interested in the bag itself and aren't as concerned about the "extras", you might as well go for the cheaper one!
  5. which one ends first?
  6. the one without anything ends first
    but actually a little update..
    the one that's cheaper DOES come with a dustbag
    that makes me feel better about bidding on it
    mirror i don't really use.. but i would LIKE to have it
    and extra tassels....
    but its also ok that i dont have it
  7. i would actually go for the higher one as i saw both on ebay for you and the handle on the cheaper one looks really sticky and worn out... :tdown:
  8. which 1 did you end up getting? =)
  9. none. i overslept and got outbidded : (((((
    oh well im actually looking more for an ink box
    but none availalbe lately..
    i can wait!!! thanks ladies
  10. Ooh yes! Definitely wait for bag of your dreams. GL on the Ink Box that will come your way very soon, I'm sure! :yes: