Dilemma on Thalassa Blue Birkin..

  1. As some of you already know, within the next 10/15 days together with my H SA, I have to write a note for my store manager to take to Paris in July for a special order Thalassa Blue Birkin 35..

    Considering that we (me and my SA) don't know if this color is available, my dilemma is the following:

    a) what leather preference should I give ? (not exotic)

    b) what second color/leather option should I give if Thalassa is not
    available ?

    Please give me all your thoughts and suggestions, since I need to have a clear idea of my requests to send to Paris... (I spoke to my SA yesterday, and we agreed to meet within June 15th)

    Thanks girls!!:flowers:
  2. I believe that color is available from Hermes. I could be wrong though but I haven't heard of them discontinuing the color. I think this color looks stunning in Clemence.
  3. I think you prefer box for Kellys but thalassa blue in box leather for a Birkin will be gorgeous like sarahcantiks!

    Are you really looking for a blue Birkin? How long are you willing to wait? If thalassa is not available this July, maybe your store manager can try again next February.

    I've heard that there's supposed to be this new type of blue "French blue?" also or royal blue and sapphire blue are fabulous options also.
  4. I agree with Baggaholic that Clemence is lovely in Thalassa Blue, there's a HAC in this combo in an old H catalogue I have, and that's what made me fall in love with this color...

    La Van I also agree that Sarah's box Birkin is lovely, the color is a bit brighter in box than in Clemence...You ask if I want a blue bag, I suppose I do really, 'cause I'm not one for bright colors, I like orange or Potiron and rouge vif, but I don't think I can pull them off...all the "neutrals" I already have (black, gold, chesnut brown, Rouge H, Etoupe, forest green) so there's not much left for my color palate!

    My SA also told me, as you say, that if they discontinue a color, they usually substitute it with a similar color, so I'm also willing to go for a Blue Roi or similar..the only blue I don't want is navy blue, too dark, and BJ doesn't convince me...:hrmm:
  5. Duna, how exciting!! I'd choose Thalassa Box first with palladium, then on either Togo or Clemence as a second choice.

    If Thalassa is not available at this time, go for Blue Roi or this new French Blue that I've yet to see!
  6. Duna,

    Based on my understanding, blue thalassa will not be available for production next season. Therefore, you can put yourself on the list, but it won't be made until the leather is available. Your best bet would be ordering it in clemance (and then box as a second choice) because blue thalassa is made most in that leather.

    ETA: Like others have mentioned, royal blue and sapphire blue are good choices too. The new blue, which I can't remember the name right now (my brains are clogged up due to a terrible cold) will definitely be available.
  7. Thalassa blue has be discontinued as far as i know...you can still find left over smaller leather goods in shops...but never saw a bag again. I've also heard that there is a new blue coming out...

    most thalassa blue Birkins had burshed palladium hardware...and it looks great...very chic and modern... if you tend to go for a darker blue...go for brushed palladium (and you dont see it very often)

    other blues are blue roi (very nice in croc and ostrich - never saw it on regular leather) - blue saphir (very dark instensive blue) - blue jean (great classic)

    an other great color would be brick - also great with palladium (brushed or shiny).

    as for leathers i would go to Hermes and have a look at everything available (maby look at agendas if your store has a good selection you get a good impression) - also have a look a veau crisp!

    box, clemence taurillon, togo are always a good choice...or chevre if you like the shine in it...very durable - little more expensive then the others...
  8. try sapphire blue.