Dilemma on chocolate box Kelly

  1. Guys, I need your precious advice...As some of you know, I have put my name down for a chocolate souple box Kelly which has Pall H/W. I think I prefer box Kellys with gold H/W, especially brown box.. It seems more typical old classic Hermès if you see what I meen...

    The alternative would be buying the choco box vintage Kelly I saw last week at the Hermès vintage store... (if it's still there)

    So what do you say: New Kelly with Palladium or Vintage with gold ???
  2. Duna, I do love palladium, but I also look at the color of the leather when deciding. Some colors just naturally go better with certain hw colors. Like yellow pairs lovely with gold, orange/potiron can go either way (but naturally looks easier on the eye in yellow), and I do feel chocolate would look better in gold. It does not mean I would/may want my bag that way, but when it comes to the color wheel certain shades go better with other shades.
    One more thing...it also depends if you want a warm bag or a cool looking bag as to what to choose.
    I think you will get many opinions on this one. Palladium is much more popular, but there are many gold lovers out there. You have to select what hits you the most!
    Let us know what you decide.
  3. The two different hardwares would give entirely different auras/looks I feel; gold would be more warm probably because chocolate has some golden undertones, and palladium seems more sleek and modern with brown. So, I would think about what type of "feeling" I want when I carry my bag. If the price difference isn't too great, I would personally go with the new Kelly; you get to make memories with this bag and pass it on, it's truly yours imo.
  4. I agree that certain colors look better w/gold...although the silver is more popular. That said, it sounds like you might already feel that same way .... couldn't you order it with the silver hw?? If not, check out the vintage bag again!
  5. The vintage bag might be a lot of fun to have. I have a vintage black croc Kelly and use it on occasion. I don't know...the palladium could be "chic"...are the buttons on your jackets/coats silver or gold? If you prefer Kellys with gold hardware maybe order that one...tough call...I know I would have a hard time deciding too. Hmmm...chocolate box sounds "yummy" with any hardware color.
  6. PERSONALLY, I love, love, love palladium HW with some of the Hermes chocolate brown colors. Cocoan, Marron Fonce and Ebene are very "bitter" browns which are extremely "cool" colors and I think they look incredible with palladium. What shade of brown did you order?
    Gold is also beautiful and classic, but aren't you getting a chocolate Birkin with gold in the fall (was this you? I can't remember but it sounds familiar! hehe)
    If so, I'd take the new Kelly with the palladium.
  7. Duna- both are absolutely beautiful bags! If you love the look of PH, then wait it out. The gold hardware IMO gives it a more formal look, and like the other ladies said- it all depends on what look you are going for. Either way, you win- because you get chocolate! And in box leather! TDF! (Sorry I wasn't much help)
  8. I saw a chocolate box HAC today with palladium hardware and it was GORGEOUS!
  9. What does your heart says?
  10. ^ best advice ever :amuse:
  11. I'm in agreement with this view. The darker, deeper colors seem more modern to me with palladium and more classic with gold.

    That said, you really can't make a bad choice!
  12. I agree :smile:

    Duna, the palladium hardware does add a modern & edgier look to my chocolate box calf HAC. Gold hardware will give a very classic & formal look. IMO both hardware go well with chocolate, but each gives a different "look & feel".
  13. Yes,Greentea, I'm waiting for a Birkin in Ebene clemence with Palladium HW.(the one arriving in the autumn has Gold HW so I might pass it..) whereas the Kelly is chocolate box with Pall.HW. In a nutshell, the Ebene Birkin is arriving with Gold and I prefer it with Pall, whereas the Kelly is arriving with Pall and I (maybe) prefer Gold...! For some reason I see box, being a Hermès all time classic, better with Gold... I wouldn't mind seeing pics of chocolate box with Pall HW, I looked at HermesBB chocolate/fuchsia but being bicolor it's not the same thing...

    I have to say, although I love Pall and with some leathers and colors I definately prefer it, that it was much easier before when they only did gold HW, now it's even more difficult to get what you want...!?!:wondering

    Anyway, thanks for all your valuable advice, as usual, and I'd love to see pics if anyone has some...:biggrin:
  14. Duna...what did you decide to do?
  15. As I was in Hermès yesterday, I asked my SA to check if there would be one arriving with G/H aswell as Palladium, but there isn't; the only souple chocolate that will arrive has P/H ,so I decided to stick to that one. I like vintage bags, but for styles that are still being continued (i.e. box calf Kellys) I'd rather buy new....;)