Dilemma... oh what to do?!?

  1. I have a Chocolate signature Ergo who I wanted to buy a mini skinny for. Well I went to the Coach store and asked for the "chocolate" mini skinny from last season. Well the SA (male) typed it into his pda and they didnt have any in the store. Ok, so I'll order it. While attempting to ring it up (SA must have been new) I was really hesitant to buy it because I wasn't sure it was the right one. And it had silver hardware, which I was not too keen on. I was bumbing around the mall checking out all the deals and I walk into Nordstrom and they have another one which would look nice. Come to find out it is the appropriately named "ERGO" mini skinny. So while I saw it, I bought it. Now my problem is which one do I want to keep. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO what are your thoughts ladies????

    A. (FYI- It is actually darker in person) 6K25

    (see attached)

    B. In chocolate brown signature of course

  2. keep both! haha ;]

    I would say A. I like the hardware.
  3. I love the first one! I actually want that one in Pond :smile:
  4. I like the ergo one!
  5. Since they're both similar in color, I'd go with the one with the matching hardware tone. Or I'd suggest to keep both, too! *lol* cuz you can always use brown mini skinny's!!
  6. Hmmmmm.......(the jury is still out)

    I know I could *use* two brown mini skinny's :p, but I really can only keep one atm.

  7. I like the second one, I dont like the hardware on the first.
  8. I like the ergo one best
  9. Just a thought, do any of you know if they made a signature brown on brown wristlet?
  10. I like the top one the ergo one
  11. If you can only keep one, keep the one that matches your existing hardware. Personally I like the first one ;)
  12. first one because it has the ergo button
  13. I like the first one (the ergo?). Love the brown signature with leather and the gold button. Very cute.
  14. I'm with everyone else here, go with the first one!
  15. I like the first one as well.