Dilemma of my First LV!


May 2, 2013
Noe bb holds more than Alma bb. I have Noe bb in Azur and love, love, love it. Of course. I don't find the tie annoying because it becomes an auto response after a while.

I also have Alma bb in epi (citron) and love, love, love this bag. It does not hold as much as the Noe bb.

E.g. Noe bb will hold:
- large sunglasses case,
- bottle of water (600ml)
- small cosmetic case with hand sanitizer, lip gloss, breath mints, and make up compact.
- 4 keys holder
- Sarah wallet

There is still room for small bits and pieces.

My Alma bb holds:
Either my Sarah wallet with business card holder, key holder and coin cles and small bits a pieces with sunglasses(no case)
my cosmetic case with business card holder and coin cles instead of Sarah with key holder and sunglasses (no case).
- No water bottle

If you over stuff this bag the zipper will sag/bend in the middle.
Good luck