Dilemma of a chloe gal -- help me make a decision!


What should I get rid of?

  1. Tan Loaf

  2. Tan Bracelet Bag

  3. Keep them both!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have been going back and forth about this. I'm very torn between two bags.. My tan loaf and my tan bracelet bag. They are both too similar in color, it really doesn't make sense for me to keep them both, especially since i have the same color for a fendi spy bag.

    Which should I get rid of:

    The super hard to find tan chloe loaf?


    The super hard to find tan chloe bracelet bag?


    I mean, i guess i can keep both, but i'm getting ready to get more chloe bags if ya know what i mean. :graucho:

    Here are pics of the three:

    bracelet bag, loaf and my wisteria. :love:



  2. A no-brainer for me...keep the tan loaf:smile: It's the more classic and collectible of the two!:yahoo:
  3. Thanks beanie... i was thinking the same thing!!! I just wanted to hear the consensus. I wore the loaf all weekend and fell in love again.
  4. Definitely keep the loaf! I think you will really regret letting that one go!
  5. I say keep them both, but if you have to choose one keep the loaf....
  6. Keep the loaf--great bag!
  7. Personally I would keep the loaf, just because I would get more use out of it than the bracelet bag.
  8. I say, keep them both and part with Wisteria, I know somebody who would love it lol ;)
  9. but failing that, I would sell bracelet before loaf :smile:
  10. Yeah why is there no vote to get rid of Wisteria?? I think its a horrible addition to you collection and you would do good to part with it. You are after all a Chloe Gal so no need for a Fendi in there!!!
  11. hahahahaha Chloe babe and Secret :heart:

    You are cracking me up!!!!

    Giving up wisteria is NOT an option!! LOLOL
  12. D&G, I prefer the loaf. =)
  13. I used to own that exact loaf (I still think that might be my old loaf having switched several homes before making it to you!:p ) and I really regret letting it go. I rarely wore it because I found it awkward to get into and out of, yet I still miss it because it was so unique, and knowing it's impossible to find is a really bad feeling if you want to replace it.

    I'd say don't part with the loaf and instead part with the bracelet bag.

    I heard a rumor the loaf is being reissued... if that happens, then sure, think about parting with it, but if not, hang onto it.:heart:
  14. Please keep the loaf :yes:

    Don't like the bracelet bag so much :shrugs:
  15. Keep the loaf. By the way your wisteria is to die for!