Dilemma... New to Mulberry and need advice!

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  1. Hi everyone! I had always wanted a Mulberry and finally took the plunge last month by buying two! I started with a bit of an impulse buy, a black oversize Alexa which I thought I would use for work. I have only worked up the courage to use it twice, even though I treated it with Collonil. I also think it looks a little big on my frame (5'4", size 4 US). I had also always wanted a Bays because it's such a classic bag, and found one in Oak which I couldn't pass up. I have now used it for two days and am a little worried about the access to my keys/phone while also carrying a toddler on the other arm. I really like cross body bags for this reason, but I feel like all my go-to bags are cross body (Balenciaga Velo, Proenza PS1).
    The options I'm debating:
    1. Keep both
    2. Trade in both for a regular Alexa in Oak
    3. Keep only the oversize Alexa
    4. Keep only the Bays
    I mostly waffle between #1 and #2... Any advice is appreciated!
    Thanks in advance!
  2. 1. Keep both - if you can afford it, why not? they are after all very different designs with pros and cons
    2. Trade in both for a regular Alexa in Oak - I think a girl can either rock small or oversized bag - just look at the Olsen twins. Question is, do you like oversized bags?
    3. Keep only the oversize Alexa or Keep only the Bays - you seemed to have a lot of messenger practical type bags...I would vote for Bays as it is of a different style and life is too short to be super practical ALL the time :smile:
  3. I'm 5'7" & a US6 & I find O/S 'Lexi too big really (not that she looks "wrong" on me, just she's "too much" bag IYKWIM) .. though I prefer X-body bags I do have (and regularly carry) 3 Bays & have never thought they were "difficult" re access (though I don't have a toddler, I do have a dog !!!!) .. however ... as the Regular 'Lexi is just about my all time favorite Mulberry & the bag I carry the most, I would advise anyone to have one .. as said by the previous poster, if you can afford to keep the 2 you have, then I would, but, if you've really not "bonded" but do still want a Mulb' .. Reg' 'Lexi in Oak would, I feel, suit you well xx Holls
  4. I am 4'11 and use both as my work bags but my OS Alexa is a dark color too it's the chocolate and is already really wrinkly so I don't mind using it too roughly but my bays I used to use for work/school but it started to get bent out of shape so I stopped I would keep both they are both iconic bags :smile:
  5. Thanks everyone for the advice so far! I am leaning toward keeping both as of right now... The Bays is just such a beautiful bag. And as much as I worry about the size of the OS Alexa on my frame, I think the regular size will be too small. Who knows what I will be thinking tomorrow...
  6. I have both! I have a number a regular Alexa's it's my perfect everyday bag! When I don't have such a huge load of things I use my regular oak :smile:
  7. If you can keep both...bays is such a classic and you are right regular alexa while a fan bag and hands free really doesn't hold that much but I still prefer it to the larger version it just looks better imo
  8. It's a tricky one! I'm well known for dithering over a couple of bags - and then keeping both! In this instance, I have the Bayswater in a few leathers and colourways, the regular Alexa in silky snake pebbled beige and nightshade and the oversized Alexa in oak. I haven't used the latter at all since I purchased her last year, but come summer I can see her being really useful as a lightweight, every day bag.

    The Bays is definitely a heavier bag, but so iconic and lovely! She may not be the most practical with a toddler, but I'd recommend keeping her as the Mulberry icon - and, as nielnielniel says, life is too short to be practical all the time! Keep her for toddler-free days - she really gives you a lift when you carry her with her fab Mulberry DNA!

    Don't forget that you can detach the strap on the OS Lexy, undo the buckle, thread it through the D rings to double it up and reattach it; this makes it more of a shoulder bag option, and doesn't look too bulky that way. You may well find a regular Lexy too small for every day stuff - I carried mine around London for two days. It was fine, but I have since bought the OS version as I can ram in a cardi and brolly - and some kiddy stuff, too!

    Good luck with your decision; it's never easy, trust me!
  9. I have OS and regular and prefer regular, I only use OS for when I need to lug loads of stuff around. I say buy a regular too if you can afford to keep both!
  10. I mm 5' 4" like you and I use my Alexa's more than any other bag. I love the regular size and find them plenty big enough. I don't think they are delicate at all, even my PB SS. I never think twice really about using them. I guess Oak in the pouring rain is a no, no but otherwise I thnk they are a very hardy, every day bag

    I love the Bayswater but don't actually find it that practical for me either? Like you say it's difficult to get into and can understand the difficulty coping with a toddler at the same time :P. They are a gorgeous bag but you need to be able to put it down on something before you open it. Try getting your purse out when you are in a queue :nogood:

    I would say the Bays is a more practical work bag but if that's not what you are going to use it for probably best to let it go.

    Maybe try your OS Alexa out lots and see how you get on. If you still feel she's too big don't think you can go wrong with an Oak Alexa

  11. I was actually debating using the Bays for work instead, because that's when I'm toddler-less! Just a little worried about the suede interior... But it's true like @nielnielniel says, life is too short! I should enjoy my bags. :smile:
  12. Yes definitely..........life is too short not to enjoy them. It's something we use every day so why not have one that is beautiful and gives so much pleasure? I think the Bays is a fabulous work bag, it looks very elegant and holds plenty. I always use mine for work when I have to carry papers, laptop etc

    Do you use a bag liner? That keeps the inside lovely and clean and worry free. If you do get the odd mark a suede rubber works wonders
  13. I am a huge Bayswater fan so I would definitely keep the Bayswater. But for me the Bays is a work bag only. It is too bulky for me to use outside of work and I go for lovely slouchy darias or elegant lily bags instead.

    Also get a VIP bag liner for your bays. That way you dont have to worry about marking the suede. And it makes it easy to transfer your bag contents (I switch bags almost every day, usually from one bays to another bays).

    I also use a bayswater shaper at the bottom of mine to prevent a saggy bottom :P These bag shapers are usually available on ebay.

    The alexa is too fiddly for me to use casually.I don't do cross body bags as I get annoyed by bags that bounce on my hip (I don't need to add any further bulk to that area!)

    Hope I helped.
  14. Thank you @Mulberrygal and @CPrincessUK, very helpful! I will look into a bag liner as that may solve my concerns. :smile:

  15. I use a Bays for work as it is the perfect size for files, I can just fit it over my shoulder, and the flap makes me feel very safe from pickpockets (I am in NYC). I use a Chameleon liner with the hard plastic base taken out, it fits perfectly and gives me a lot of organizational pocket inside. Not bad for about $25!