Dilemma - Neonoe Black or Rose???


What is your favorite Neonoe color?

  1. Black mono

    26 vote(s)
  2. Rose mono

    14 vote(s)
  3. Epi line

    9 vote(s)
  4. None of the above - get something else

    2 vote(s)
  1. Hi ladies, so I’m getting married this month (yay!) and we are going to Greece and other parts of Europe for our 2 weeks honeymoon right after the wedding. I want to buy a new bag for everyday, something light and functional, and came to really like the Neonoe in mono canvas after doing some research. My question is which color should I get?

    I was thinking that if I was getting the rose, I would buy the mono strap to tone down the pink a little, like how it is in the picture. I will also get a bag charm to make it more fun whether it’s black or rose. Photo credit to fellow tpfers.

    If you don’t like the Neonoe for any reasons, pls tell me why, or if you prefer it in the Epi line instead? I also saw the Lockme Bucket which is also very similar. Or any other styles that you think would fit my needs better. Thank you so much in advance!!!
    05BD9309-8084-4D91-BFCB-CB81CBEF3222.jpeg F8AEF6FF-B45F-4CE1-833B-B764F7EF14C8.jpeg
  2. I think the Épi version is much more sophisticated. That’s what I would buy.
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  3. I also prefer either epi or lockme bucket. I’m also not a fan of bag charms. I think it detracts from the bag. Nevertheless you can’t go wrong with what you choose.
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  4. Epi!
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  5. I’m a huge fan of epi, but love this bag in mono. I’m partial to the Rose. The black looks great too- I don’t think you can go wrong either way.
    The lockme bucket is designed a little differently, with the drawstrings along both sides. They flapped a lot, and I didn’t care for it. And I’m still waiting for an epi color combination that I love before I get one of those. Good luck!
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  6. Thanks for the comment LV_4ever, that is exactly my concern because there isn’t a combination that I really love. What is a girl to do?
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  7. I voted black mono, just so versatile! I feel like mono is the classic LV, kind of goes with everything. Black trim is nice if you wear a lot of black, also you don't have to worry about stains and color transfer, I think general wear and tear shows less on darker colors.

    I like bag charms, personal preference but they can be a lot of fun! The nice thing is you can take it on and off, not a big commitment!
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  8. I vote Epi if that is an option.
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  9. I just debated between the rose and black and am SO happy with the black monogram! It goes with everything! The pink is very summery and girly. The black is stunning year-round and is so carefree. Enjoy your bag whichever you choose!
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  10. I have the epi and I love it!!!
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  11. I have the monogram Rose and I wear it all year long. I love it!
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  12. Thanks everyone for your input, now I’m even more excited about the Neonoe. I know I can’t go wrong with whichever option!!!
  13. Sorry for opening this thread again, I'm just so torn now looking at all the beautiful pictures that you guys have on this forum. At first I was so set on getting the noir, then I saw the rose and I was confused. Now the coquelicot is growing on me. It definitely reminds me of the damier ebene.

    If you have to choose only one for life, which one would you pick: noir, rose, or coquelicot???
  14. This spring, rose
    For a lifetime of summers, coquelicot
    For life, noir
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  15. I have the noir Monogram and would choose that one again. It is the most versatile at least for my style.
    Epi is nice, though I don‘t like the color combos either and the plain black is very plain...