Dilemma need help Blue Lady Braid vs. Black J12

  1. Ok I have been struggling with making a decision to sell, return, or keep my Blue Lady Braid. I look at this bag at least once a week. Mind you, I have had it since September. The bag still has all the tags attached, along with several of my other bags. I’m just really torn about what I should do. Below is my purse collection

    Black Modern Chain Tote
    Pink Medallion Tote
    Red Classic Jumbo Flap
    Black Classic Jumbo Flap
    Black Caviar Timeless Clutch
    Brown Vintage Ligne Tote
    Blue Lady Braid??

    So my first question is being that I purchased this bag in September could I return to Saks? I really don’t want a complete return I was thinking of purchasing the Black J12 with diamond markers, and paying the difference. The blue lady braid has a dent on one side. I don’t know what causes the dent but that sucks. The color is just gorgeous! HELP

    Thanks Ladies
  2. Did you already wear the bag? If so, it might not be fair to return it, especially since you said there is a dent on the side now.
  3. I think you should return it.

    I'm the type of person who can't WAIT to carry her bags. I will usually rip the tag off and plan my outfit for the next day so I can debut my baby in all it's glory. I understand not everyone is like that- however, you've had this bag since September and though you look at it often, you have not been able to carry it. (Right? I'm assuming you haven't worn it yet, since it has all its tags and whatnot.) Plus, the dent would bother me (as it sounds like it bothers you) and you already have your next purchase in mind. The j12 is gorgeous and functional; something that you could wear often versus this bag which just sits in your collection.

    Saks will probably take it back, since it is NWT. Just explain to them that you want to exchange it for the j12 and I'm sure they would be even happier to since they would not be losing any money. Good luck, HTH!
  4. Steph, 'cause I know you I think you should return the lady braid (you're never gonna carry it:p). You'll definitely wear the watch. Get the watch.
  5. Try to return it and get your J12;)
  6. No the bag is brand new, all tags still attached. I would not return a used bag!

  7. Mon you do know me. Ok so truth be told. All my bags still have the tags attached except for

    Modern Chain Tote
    Black Timeless Clutch
    Vintage Brown Tote (purchased gently used from BBOS)

    Not to mention, I have a chanel belt tags still on it, just received a necklace (tags attached) that I hope to use. I'm like a compulsive shopper. Mon Damien sent me the J12 book, and I look at it everyday. I have shoes/clothes from years ago that have not been worn. The Medallion is like 2 years old, but tags still attached. I'm totally crazy, and I admit it. I love ya babe!

  8. I love you too Steph. Damian is off today, but call him tomorrow and get the J12! When is the next EGC event?
  9. ^ There is a J12 book??

    Isn't the time limit up for a return?

    I'd say keep the bag. You may regret returning it. The color is beautiful and not one that is around each season.
  10. Yes I called him today and Sandy told me he would be in manana. I sent him an email, and may call his cell depending on how I feel. My decision is made I just need to talk to Damien. Oh I will do it around EGC. Saks is having a double points event, but I prefer the gift card now.:yes:
  11. i think you should return the bag - if it has always had a dent in it, then that's not your fault. saks has a good return policy, and i'm sure they'll want to help you, esp if you're going to spend above and beyond that. enjoy the watch!
  12. Well actually, I believe most of the new lady braid satchels have this fold. I remember when Larkie purchased her gray lady braid and returned it because she was unhappy about the crease. I just held my bag because the color has me mesmerized.
  13. Steph, not this again...didnt we talk about this via email last week or so...LOL
    Get rid of that Lady braid ,Use those bags.......You still toting around the modern chain ? when did you use the clutch... back that belt up and send it to me darling.....
    Bye bye lady braid hello J12- am I right ?
  14. Maybe you should return it and get the J12 since you haven't used it ?:biggrin:
  15. i agree, try to return the lady braid and get the J12:yes: