Dilemma...need advice.

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  1. I'm about to purchase my second Chanel piece. I currently own a black lambskin square mini with shw. I'm wanting my next piece to be a classic woc. I'm not sure whether to get lambskin or caviar. I really wanted something in a pop of color. The only caviar option at Saks is black. I'm on the waiting list through a couple of SAs for black caviar with ghw. Should I go with lambskin so I can get a pop of color or stick with black caviar? Would lambskin be hard to maintain on a woc? (Btw I have to shop through Saks as I have a gift card that I need to use)
  2. As much as I love lamb, I will only do lamb in black or dark colors. Depending on the "pop of color" you are looking for, it might be worth it to hold out for caviar if you wear dark colors. Personally, color transfer scares the crap out of me and caviar holds up much better than lamb in that respect...especially for a bag being worn low (potentially against denim) like the WOC. If you don't wear a lot of dark colors, this might not be as much of an issue for you though.
  3. +1 - to me color transfer looks worse than a little wear here and there from rubbing. since you already have a lamb in the square mini, i would go for caviar with GHW this time or a colored caviar. I'm planning on getting a black caviar GWH WOC, just been so busy so haven't been able to look for one. I'm picky and want it to be as dark as possible.

    Let us know what you pick and can't wait to see it!
  4. I'd get the WOC in a bright color in patent or caviar.
  5. I really would like to get it in a bright color, but the only leather available in a bright color is lambskin. Atleast, that's all they seem to have at Saks. I really wanted a nice pop of color for summer. I'm lacking a colorful handbag.
  6. I have a black WOC in calfskin that I find to be pretty durable. As others have mentioned, I would prefer to get a pop of color in caviar rather than in lamb. I am currently on a wait list for a red caviar, but it has been forever...
  7. I have a lambskin pink WOC and I am always worried about color transfer. My WOC is still perfect but I have to build my outfit around it when I know I am going to use it making sure I will not have a color transfer issue. Are you sure that a lighter color in caviar will not have a similar issue? While caviar is perhaps more scratch resistant I still think color transfer is an issue. If you want a pop of color purchase the lambskin WOC and be mindful of what you wear when you carry it. Good luck!
  8. I have a lamb WOC in pink too. I love the color at first sight, but if I can do it over again, I would not buy it. I take it on 1 vacation and clubbing occasionally, probably about 10 times total. Never wear it with jeans but I already see it on the verge of worn out very fast, the edge, the corner, and color transfer too. It is very prone to color transfer now matter how careful you are, and bag is meant to be worn. I do not look at it the same way because it's not a good buy. I expect expensive things to last.
  9. My biggest fear is color transfer. But that's what I was thinking...color transfer is a risk with caviar, too. Especially in a lighter color. I think lambskin is so much prettier than caviar. The lambskin woc that I am looking at is actually pink. My favorite color!
  10. This is what I heard too that light colored caviar is prone to color transfer as much as lambskin. Not sure if it's true though because I don't own any light colored bags. Color transfer freaks me out so much.
  11. Lambskin I'm considering

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  12. I've always been told light colored caviar is just as much at risk. It scares me, too! That's why I feel like I should play it safe with black. But I could really use a pop of color! I love colorful accessories especially in the summer.
  13. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459469400.948259.jpg
    Here's the back of my light pink WOC. Definitely shows some color transfer from my denim shorts but honestly it's only on the back so it doesn't really stop me from using it.

  14. That's so cute! If you love the color I'd purchase! Just read up on the lambskin care thread. There's some type of water proofing spray that's great for Chanel lambskin. I heard it helps with color transfer as well.:smile:
  15. The pink is really cute! I guess it depends on how much you wear dark jeans. The pink would look very nice with light colored jeans and all kinds of other outfits too. I also like how it looks double chained on the shoulder. I really want a WOC because of the different ways it can be carried.