Dilemma Louis Vuitton-Chanel Woc!

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  1. Should I sell my Louis Vuitton wallets and clutches and buy Chanel Woc?
  2. Would you mind sharing more detail behind your dilemma? I am not quite sure how to help since I don't know why you are having a dilemma.
  3. IMO no....I think they serve two different purposes. I can't imagine throwing my woc in a larger bag and using it as just a wallet. I think the LV wallets hold up really well and still look brand new after years of daily use. I have a mono Sarah wallet and it is still gorgeous. I have an 8 month old woc in caviar and it doesn't snap closed as tight as it used to.
  4. I just bought vernis cles milla clutch and zippy compact wallet now I want to buy Woc but need to sell my lv's to get it.
  5. WOCs is a classic style, so it will be around for a while especially if you are looking to get a classic color. Unless you really don't like the LV items you bought, then yes, do sell them. However, don't sell something you love because you will end up regretting. I love my LV SLGs!!!

  6. Since I m in germany I want to buy before we move back to states because I don't have to pay tax(airforce)who knows maybe next Christmas :smile:
  7. I think it depends on if you have multiple wallets. I have a Sarah wallet which is my favorite. I bought two chanel wallets after and still almost always use my Sarah wallet. But if you have multiple LV wallets, pochettes or whatever then maybe sell some. I really like the woc, I have 4 now, and are my most used chanel that I own. I do tend to use woc now more than my mini or regular pochettes, but I would not use a woc in place of a regular wallet.
  8. i have the zcp, woc, and other LV/Chanel wallets, between the two I love my LV wallet more than chanel ones. WOC can be used as wallet but the chains are heavy and not removeable, would not recommend it as daily wallet.
  9. WOCs are very hard to find in US so I have to warn you that.

    When I was offered a classic quilted WOC in Cannes as walkin in Dec, my local NM store had 400 ppl on waiting list!

    They are not impossible to find but require some work so I have been kicking myself for not getting it in France.

    I am not a fan of vernis as wallet. I think LV wallets in de last longer but not in vernis.

    I'd get all Chanel WOCs in Europe (and other Chanel items as well)! LV selection is pretty much the same across the Atlantic but not Chanel
  10. Thank you,I have to buy then:smile:
  11. I'd like to add that in Germany it's also not easy to get a WOC, especially a classic coloured WOC in caviar. So if I were you, you should immediately call or go to the nearest boutique and ask - chances are high they won't have any, so keep calling and ask when they get shipments. I tried to get a caviar in black and never managed to.
  12. Yes
  13. I love my LV wallet too. I think both serve different purposes.
  14. Yes!!;)
  15. I prefer Chanel Woc