Dilemma: Local H Store or Paris? (long)

  1. Sorry for the long post, but I am in a bit of a dilemma and need counsel. I have lamented that it is impossible to get "desirable" bags at my local H because all the Kellys/Birkins/exotics go to VIPs, and I cannot become a VIP because I am never offered Kellys/Birkins/exotics – a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem. Compound that by the fact that my local H is about 20% more expensive than buying in Europe, where I visit at least once a year, during which I stock up on the smaller, more common items, such as cadenas and wallets. So, the fact is that while I have been popping in to my local H about once a month for the past half year, I have never actually bought anything from them.

    However, my recent frustration in H Italy (Venice, Florence, Rome, Milan) over the same "desirable" bags seems to indicate that there is some unwritten rule that one needs to be somewhat of a known regular to get these bags, which is making me rethink my whole relationship with my local H.

    So... there is a crocodile bag that I have had my eye on, and last week, I went to my local H and met a different SA (the previous SA that I have always met was on another floor with a customer), and repeated my lament of never finding anything to buy and never being offered exotics. He was really nice about it, and took down my "wishlist". Today, he calls and says that they have that croc bag in for me!

    Here is my dilemma – the DH, after trekking with me to all the H stores in Italy, said we are going to Paris next Feb (side-trip after skiing). I know the same bag in Paris (courtesy of our croc pricing thread) is at least 20% less than my local H price. Since it is croc, the difference is substantial – enough for another leather H bag! BUT... that is assuming that I will find the same bag or be allowed to waitlist for the same bag in Paris. At the same time, I blow my chances of establishing a good relationship with my local H (I think a croc bag should count towards that, right?).

    So... what would you ladies do: possibility of saving lots of $$$ or pay the $$$ to ingratiate myself with the local H store? :confused1:
  2. ... yes! this is the dilemma i fear as well!

    For a start, find out the specs of the offer and then you go to the local H store to see/touch. Wear neutral tones.

    For the first 5 seconds at first sight - is it 'LOVE IT, I just gonna have IT'. If yes, THE END.

    if not, pick it up & carry it to look at the mirror... then see them in yellow & white lightings....

    Then decide to go to dilemma stage II or wait to visit H paris in Feb 08....

    Ya - easy said than done for me when I am not the one....

    Ha hA Ha
  3. take it! seriously getting croc offered is rare and you should consider yourself lucky to have it at your fingertip. while getting bags in paris is somewhat easier that does not apply towards exotics these re hard to get everywhere and reserved for loyal customers ah and btw about the vips and the egg situation you described one does not get vip by buying bags (especially kelly or birkins) alone kwim?:flowers:
  4. Lilach, I hear you!

    Hmmm... but another thought just occurred to me: the savings I can get from buying from Paris is enough to tip an SA really really really big time, so that perhaps I can get offered an exotic? Then I establish some relationship with the Paris SA?
  5. yes either that or it can happen what i once overheard cause the sa rather loud said out "no madam we do not take bribes here at hermes would you please leave"

    edited to say if you are comfotable with giving the money away anyways why not pay the price at your local boutique and at least bulit anew relationship with the sa there?
  6. ^ I don't think it would be the done thing to "tip" an hermes salesperson in Paris - if that's what you mean!

    Personally, I think you should check out the bag at your local H before making any decisions. Its always nice to have a local store!
  7. :wtf: Oh, how terribly embarassing!

    Actually, I never thought of an outright bribe – just buy other things, tip big, and turn up again the next day! Although... knowing my luck... it would probably be the SA's day off! :s
  8. Tough...
    I agree that you need to go see this bag. I don't know that you can be sure that you will be successful getting an exotic on your first trip to the Paris store. If you are prepared to wait, and perhaps make multiple trips to Paris, then maybe. Otherwise, I'd say bite the bullet and take the bag at your local store. My gut instinct is to say buy the bag now.
  9. A croc is definitely cheaper in Paris, but trust me, you're almost definitely not going to be offered one there. And you're unlikely to be offered an SO for it either.

    ps. PM me if you want to know why I know this, ok?

    If I were you, I will try and build up my relationship with the local H store. Bits and pieces of purchases here and there definitely count, and the savings may not be substantial (relative to buying a croc from Paris). So eventually you may be offered your dream bag from your local H store.
  10. Save the money in Paris.
  11. They Have That Croc Bag In for You!?!?!?! Take It!!!
  12. Gem's advice is perfect! You cannot always rely of what Paris will have in stock.
  13. A bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush or in your case, a croc in hand is worth 2 in the river (seine) :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  14. I say take it. Firstly, because you asked for THAT bag, and now he has THAT bag to offer you and if you don't take THAT bag, he is not going to be serious about OTHER requests in future. THAT bag is your ticket. And I am not even joking.

    If you do not have a regular relationship with Paris, you will NOT be offered croc.
  15. :lol:I know when I am in despair, I have your shoulder to cry on! :upsidedown: