Dilemma - Laila or Lindsey?

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  1. Ok so I have the Black Laila that I was planning to cut the tags off to use as my Fall/Winter work bag. However yesterday I saw someone at work carrying the Black Leather Lindsey with the silver hardware and thought the bag looked good too..So now comes the dilemma - keep the Black Laila or use the 25% FB coupon to get the Black Lindsey. Any advice??:cool:
  2. Hi~~
    I would say LAILA!!! I have the Fawn Laila and love her! She is a big bag so that might be a factor for you! I have seen Black Laila IRL and she is beautiful!! Were you lucky enough to find her at your outlet????
    As for Lindsey - are you thinking the Plain Black??? I keep looking at Lindsey as well and trying to decide.
    I am very indecisive so it would be hard to choose. Would you use either Laila or Lindsey all the time??? What are your needs for that certain bag???
    Could you afford to get both or you just want one???

    Lynne :biggrin:
  3. Thanks for your input Lynne!! Yes, I got the Black Laila at the Niagara falls Canadian outlet in July for about 270$ including tax!

    For Lindsey I am thinking the plain black with the silver hardware..I love black bags :smile:
    The Laila is heavy when I put all my stuff(or garbage -depends on the way you look at it ha ha) in it..The Lindsey looks like it may be way lighter! At the price I got the Laila I think I can get the Lindsey too(with the discount off course). Not sure when the black Lindseys would hit the outlet!
    I just got the Kristin woven hobo in black for weekend use and am so in love with it.love the Kristin line so I think I will keep the Laila regardless..the shimmery leather is TDF!
    So like you can see I am useless when it comes to making purse decisions!!
  4. I would have to say Laila. I only have one Laila and I love it. Lindsey is great, too. I have several Lindseys and hope to get more.

    Can you keep Laila and buy Lindsey, too? The more the merrier, right?
  5. I have the black Laila (carrying her today:P) and I LOVE it!!!

    ETA: They're both great bags and totally different. Can you get both?:graucho:
  6. Keep Laila and get Lindsey when she hits the outlets :P. They are both different enough to have IMO. I have Laila in black and love the leather.
  7. Both! I love both styles so much...I am no help!
  8. Keep Laila!!! she is HOTTTTTTTTTT
    Lindsey is just a plain black bag
    I have 9 Lindsey's not one are BLACK
  9. I think that is what I am going to do..Maybe wait until one hits the outlets!!
    I like the idea of having both the bags:smile:

    I like the idea of using the Laila and waiting for the Lindsey at the outlets!
    Thats my kind of thinking :smile:
    Ok you enabled me to make up my mind :smile: Keeping the Laila..Maybe snag a Lindsey at the outlets..and I understand what you say by just a plain black bag..I like the Laila for her shimmery black leather..
  10. The Laila totally outshines the Lindsey with it's beautiful details.
  11. Oh I had Laila in Fawn returned and regretted it but was luckey enough to find her again and she not going anywhere ;)
  12. You are welcome! I am the same way!!! Very indecisive!!!! I got my Laila with PCE at FP Coach. You are so lucky to find Laila at the outlet!!! A great price!!! Laila can be heavy too. It seems like I barely carry anything and my bag is super heavy. I have been looking forever at Lindseys too. I bought a few but they keep being returned. I have to admit that I have been looking at the Black Lindsey as well! I did buy the Black Gathered Lindsey with the Gold Hardware but I returned her as I already have the Black Gathered Large Sophia. I say you can never have enough Black bags!!! LOL
    Good Luck with your decision!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  13. Ok so I am keeping the Laila and will wait till the Lindsey's hit the outlet!! Am also cutting the tags off the Kristin hobo woven in black for weekend use!does anyone have this - does the woven part get soft??