Dilemma: In between shoe sizes!

  1. Recently, I find myself in a dilemma: I am in between a size 6.5 and 7! I don't know if this is due to a change in sizing from the manufacturers, the shoe design or maybe a few pounds of weight loss? I feel like the 7's can be too big leaving a gap in the back, while the 6.5's feel too tight in the front in width and length. I am not sure if I should get shoe trees to try and stretch the 6.5 or just go w/the 7 and put some kind of pad in there. I kind of don't really like doing the latter option, but I feel like shoes do stretch w/wear, so I feel like the 7's might just get bigger with time. Do any of you have this problem? What do you prefer to do?
  2. Get the bigger size and put an insole in them. I do this if I find a pair of shoes I can't live wihtout and they don't have my size.
  3. Leather and suede stretches with wear so I would suggest to stick with the 6.5. After a couple wears and when it stretches out I hate the fact that your heel slips off. Patent leather I would stick with the 7.
  4. When i'm in this situation, I'd try the 7 with the insert. If it still feels too big, and the 6.5 feels tight, I don't buy the shoe.
  5. If a shoe is slightly big, it's not going to stretch as much as a shoe that is slightly tight because you're not putting as much pressure on the leather. KWIM?

    I'd go with the slightly looser pair and put a heel grip in, I cant stand my toes being tortured while I try to stretch out a pair of shoes.
  6. i have the same situation! i go with the 6.5 - i hate my foot slipping out of a shoe, and i'd rather stretch out a shoe. i also am not a huge fan of foot inserts.
  7. I would rather buy the bigger size. I hate it when a shoe is too tight and ends up hurting my feet.
  8. I second that. It's much better for your feet -- tight shoes can cause real problems.
  9. I have two different size feet LOL (1/4 to 1/2 size difference) - I buy for my smaller foot and stretch the bigger one if needed. Leather and suede always gives...
  10. Get the smaller size. I will never buy shoes that are slightly too big again. I have had inserts professionally put in as well as elastic in back and they are still too big. I have wasted over 2000 on just two pairs. The smaller pair will stretch. But if your heel keeps slipping out, especially with high heels, you will fall.
  11. I'm between 35 and 35.5. For flats, I go with the larger size. For heels, the smaller, mainly because I hate sliding around in them or the heel popping off all the time.