Dilemma!!! I want to keep my Venetia but I want a Stam too....but can't have both

  1. Awwwww stupid fate is messing with me at the moment...first I get a Chloe Tan Paddy on whim, but deep down I really want it in Chocolate, and I just bought a Venetia in washed rose (TDF!!!!!), but have come to the realisation that I REALLY REALLY REALLY want a brown stam (Taupe or similar).:drool:

    I really love everything about the venetia, it's the best bag in the (long) history of my closet...but how versatile is the colour 'washed rose'?
    I've always been a brown bag girl, and am in love with the stam.....:love:

    I really don't know if I could afford to keep the venetia AND buy a stam, so what would you do if you were in my shoes?????:s
  2. Honestly, I'd sell the Paddy and get the Stam. Personally, I was looking at the Paddys the other day and realized that I am SO over them. Trust me, I was like the rest of the Jones' -- totally obsessed, would have given up multiple pathetic paychecks to have one. And while browsing bags the other day I realized how HAPPY that I was that I didn't buy one. In fact, I'm very happy with my two latest Marc Jacobs bags because they aren't that popular and totally classic. I know the Stam is insanely popular as well but there is something much more classic about it than the Paddy. I know you weren't even considering this but I think you should ditch the Chloe and join Team Marc! Seriously, excellent quality (as I am sure you now know with the Venetia) AND classic style. I feel Chloe bags aren't made as well (or nicely) and just look so plain and uninteresting. Simply my opinion. Do as you please ;)
  3. If it were me I'd keep the washed rose venetia. However, I have never been into the Stam or Paddington. I think that the Stam and Paddy will be dated after a while, but the Venetia will remain classic. Also, I'm not concerned about the whole matching your bag to your outfit. I prefer to have a bag that stands out, probably b/c I wear a lot of black.
  4. I prefer Venetia over Stam for sure; I am not a fan of colors like Washed Rose, Taupe, Mouse. I love Chloe's Paddington Satchel, Tan is my favorite. =)

    In my opinion, Venetia is the most classic.
  5. Venetia is a classic bag. Paddy and Stam are not here to stay.
  6. Taupe stams are hard to find, but if you find one, then definitely go for her. I certainly like both, and both have the same "wearability" to me, in that they both hold about the same and are carried similarly. Venetia is classic, but I believe stam will be too. It's a win-win situation either way you decide. I think you really need to decide based on which one you think you'll be most comfortable wearing, especially if you plan on using it regularly. Good luck!
  7. I would get the stam. It seems that you are more desperate for that than the venetia. Oh, and congratulations on your paddington! I LOVE Chloe bags and have 2 paddies, tan and blanc. I will use them forever as regardless of trends, I love them and the leather is divine.

    I'm getting my black stam next saturday and I can't wait! xx
  8. I would keep the Venetia for sure! Then trade in the Chloe for the Stam... since it doesn't really sound like the color you wanted anyways... I think it would better to have one brown bag and a color (like washed rose) to switch things up... Plus I would almost consider washed rose a neutral, since it is close to the brown family, so I think it would go with most things??

    :smile: good luck!!
  9. Keep or go with the ones you really love. I've been guilty of wanting the 'in' bag only to find that I really didn't love it once I had it (a Dior gaucho for example, it's just not me, so I'll probably sell it). I'm finally learning to carry what I truly like--:smile:

  10. ^Great post! It's true...It's hard to do...we are influenced so much by fashion...sometimes I think we get up in what we really love and what's really in...I here ya...I'm going through it right now w/ a Miu Miu bag...get/keep what you like.....My 2 cents would be keep the Venetia, get the Stam..sell the Chloe...But I :love: MJ bags...so I'm partial..!
  11. Here's my $.02:
    Of all these bags, I think the Venetia is the most classic, and my personal favorite. I would suggest getting a Venetia in a color you like better, and parting with the rose one since you don't love the color.

    Down the road, you can always get a stam if you still want one. They are not going away any time soon, though they do seem to be changing a bit every season, so maybe sit back and see what comes out and decide which version you love the most.:heart:
  12. ^ Cool beans but color choice may be a factor as time goes on.....Just a thought...I would get the Stam NOW and try and be very good until bills are paid (My name is Mary Cate and I am an enabler):supacool:
  13. I would keep the Venetia. As much as I like the style of the Stam, I think the Venetia (having been a part of the collection for years now) has longer staying power.
  14. Venetia !
  15. Decision made!!!!!

    I'm going to sell my Venetia in washed rose, and will buy another Venetia in a more neutral colour sometime in the near-ish future (since it is a part of the original collection I shouldn't have too much trouble finding one).

    I've found a great deal on an original '05 Stam in taupe, so I'll grab that one while I can.....

    I'm going to sell my tan paddy and THEN decide where to go from there....