Dilemma - I love the 07 leathers no much, should I dare sell my 06 Blueberry?

  1. I just can't get enough of the 07 leather! I now have 5 :shame: I know I have just been thru a scaling down of my collection, but I do love the 07 leather a lot. Would you sell your precious 06 Blueberry Work for something in the new range?
  2. Duh...I mean I love the 07 leathers SOOOOO much (bad spelling sorry...)
  3. hmm..hmm..blueberry is pretty color too..well why dont you hold on to it and buy 07 and if you really love 07 you can sell blueberry.

    Save for the 07 leathers. Get one or two you really, really like. Besides, I don't think they're THAT great.

    However, with your existing collection, they'll become a classic in no time. Since no one has access to them anymore. Please don't sell them!
  5. Blueberry looks pretty similar to Ocean [except Ocean looks less veiny?]... but I haven't seen Blueberry IRL to compare... but maybe you can consider Ocean as a replacement and then you'll have your beloved o7 leather?

    I love the o7 leather too.. and this seasons is even better than last seasons!
  6. Blueberry is much darker and yet more vibrant than Ocean. They're quite different. I LOVE Blueberry! Is it that you're craving something new or are you just not digging it anymore? Both. Hmmmm. Keep it and buy more, that's always the answer. :tup:
  7. Keep it I say. The blueberry is a lovely color... unless you need the funds to get an 07 bag that you really really must have over the blueberry.
  8. I returned my thinner, veinier, but gorgeous nontheless blueberry and replaced it with a marine 07! The leather on the marine was soooooo thick, delicious, and gorgeous (not to mention the color!), that I fell in love with it the second i saw her....I haven't regretted it since! So, if your heart is saying you love 07 leather better...go for it! If your blueberry leather is like my former blueberry, an 07 will break in nicer and wear better IMO.
  9. i would keep the blueberry because i love this color more than ocean.
  10. I would prefer 06 leather than 07....but that depends what color u are lookin for...if u goin to compare blueberry vs ocean, i would rather get/keep the blueberry.
  11. I have Blueberry and don't think it looks like Ocean at all IRL .... I love the 07 leather also but personally I wouldn't sell my Blueberry to fund another 07 bag, I would save for it! JMO! LOVE BLUEBERRY!
  12. Don't sell your Blueberry!!...unless you really dislike the leather. The color is so beautiful and I think you'd regret it if you had sold it.

    Save up, and just get the ones you absolutely want from FW07!
  13. blueberry is a lovely color~~ don't sell it unless you have more then 3 other deep blue clors from 07~
  14. Well, I think the A/W 07 line has great leather, but whether you should buy a bag or not really depends on how much you love your Blueberry. If you love your Blueberry work that much it's not worth it to sell it. If you don't think you will regret selling it, then definitely get an A/W 07 bag.
  15. If you are only comfortable owning five bags then I say that you should buy the 07 color you love the most. When you get it you can decide if it is worth letting go of your blueberry.