Dilemma! I got a call from my SA at...

  1. Chloe at South Coast Plaza yesterday...She called me to tell me the other Tekla she ordered for me came in (great bag, I have it in bordeaux, this one is in Chocolate)...I havent bought any Chloe bags in a while and I have pretty much sold the 15 others I had on ebay over the past month or so since I decided the B bags are finally what I want...heres the thing...she said she got me a birthday present and its waiting for me at the store (she does things like that SUCH a great girl, she bought my daughter a nice gift when it was her bday)...I DONT want another Chloe bag, and the one she has waiting for me is $1660 plus tax...I am moving to AZ in December and trying to save all the extra money I can (ok I slipped yesterday and bought my rouge makeup clutch)...I cant just buy it and return it when shes not there because their return policy sucks (no refunds, only credit or exchanges)...she always goes out of her way for me...and I dont want to just go and get my gift and not buy anything...and I dont want to spend all that money on a Chloe I dont want anymore....and I dont want to hurt her feelings and not show up...what should I do???:confused1:
  2. Are you obligated to buy a bag once they order it for you, Donna? If you are not, I would not feel pressured into spending $1600+ in order to not hurt her feelings. You already bought 15 bags from her, correct? By my calculations, that is over $20K. I think that is enough.

    I would call her, tell her about the move, and that you have decided to downsize your collection and aren't buying any more bags right now. I would be upfront with her, because if you just don't show up, then her feelings might really be hurt.

    If you really wanted the bag, that would be one thing. But, you don't really even want it, and once you buy it, you are on the hook for the money one way or another. You shouldn't feel bad about this, at all, imo.
  3. I am really sorry and I understand your embarassement, I would be embarassed too but here is what I would do:I would go there with all my embarassement, and I would tell her all what you told us (except that you have switched to Bal and sold most of your chloe!).
    I have learned never to be (too)shy about the limits of my funds with SA, it shows your human side, and they may temporarly loose a customer but they feel you are on the same boat as they are. They will probably understand what is going on with you.
    Don't forget that especially SA but even store managers usually earn a limited amount of money that wouldn't obviously allow them to buy all what you have been buying in that shop, so even if they usually behave like if thousands were peanuts, that's not their real life.
    Good luck, and let us know what you decide.
  4. I know, I know, you guys are right....I knew the answer all along, I guess I just needed to see someone else would do the same thing....I just cant charge a single penny right now...my daughter says to buy it and put it on ebay immediately...theres no guarantee I will recoup all my money since Chloes are not selling well on ebay (and I know this cause I took a loss on many of my bags recently just to get them sold)...She can sell the Tekla in an hour if she puts in out for the public. shes been a great SA (only 22 and extremely mature)...ok. I can do this. I'll go down there this morning...without any credit cards! Thanks girls!

    PS: Hi Tami!
  5. Would be great to know how it worked out, keep us posted.
  6. Am I the only one who thinks it would be a kind gesture to also give her a gift before you move?? Sounds like she is not only your SA, but also your friend since she has purchased gifts for you & for your daughter. Perhaps before you move away you could go by and see her and give her a gift certificate to a spa or to a nice restaurant in the area.

    I agree that you should not feel obligated to buy the bag, and I am sure she will understand. But, thanking her for all her help might be a kind thing to do in return.

  7. I agree with gregsgirl
  8. i agree as well. it's better passing on it and feeling good about what you DO purchase from her than buying something from her because you feel pressured. i'm sure if she's a great SA and friend, that she'll understand and KNOW you'll be back :smile: don't worry about it!
  9. Gregsgirl you have had such a wonderful idea, yes! Great, I am sure this would completely solve the problem.
  10. sounds like a great idea....I agree. nice gesture.
  11. I bought the bag. ~gulp~ I charged it ~gulp~ Its different from the Tekla I already have and honestly its the most beautiful Chloe bag I have owned...couldnt resist.....so with that in mind, I have to sell a few more things on ebay to justify it.....I appreciate the ideas about giving my SA a gift when I move. We already do that, we got her a gift when she got engaged and when she was ill I sent her flowers. Shes very sweet and totally honest with me and NEVER pushes for a sale. Even after I move I still plan on having her send me items if I buy anything else. Plus we'll be back in CA all the time. On the other hand it was MY purchases that made her the #1 SA at Chloe. Pretty sure I spent close to $30,000.00 between January and now for my bags and my daughters. Not to mention all the clothes my daughter buys from her. It all works out in the end...but I did buy the bag..no regrets, no regrets...have to go sell more stuff on ebay.....yikes.
  12. Donna, i think you're lucky to have such a lovely SA! it's good that you liked the Tekla... can you post a pic? so what are you going to have to part with to get even now? i hope not a bbag!!
  13. I am actually thinking of saying goodbye to my Blueberry City...(see Donna ducking to avoid flying objects!)...I know, I know. That too was an impulse buy. The Chloe is lamb leather (normally I dont buy lamd anything, nor do I eat it) and soooo soft. Thought I was over Chloe...thank God it doesnt have a big ol' ugly lock on it!...but we'll see.
  14. I am actually thinking of saying goodbye to my Blueberry City...(see Donna ducking to avoid flying objects!) well i think that if it doesn't work out for you shouldn't keep it!

    thank God it doesnt have a big ol' ugly lock on it!...:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    i knooow! i never carry my paddington! i was over it the second after i bought it but i was too scared to tell my mom who i'd nagged for ages to buy me the bag...so i still have it, lol!
  15. I know! I wont sell any of my bags, I'll see what my daughter doesnt want! yeah, thats it! Bluberry is saved! woohoo!