Dilemma!!!! Help

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  1. Okay here is the deal. I work in a daycare and I wanted a bag that would be "kid friendly" so I got the medium Heritage stripe tote in khaki/berrry. I also got the Bleeker woven hobo in Mah. for fun. I got the Heritage in the mail today and its a little small. And the slouch on the bleeker hobo is driving me crazy! Its not slouching like the one in the store. So I think they are going back Saturday. What should I get instead?? I am going to keep carrying my old guess bag for work since its unattended alot etc. And as it looks right now I don't know how much longer I will be working for that daycare. (thats a whole different topic). So I want a functional bag that is comfortable, fun, leather (or coated) and I will not have to baby. I recently sold alot of my bags and all I have left is a camel patent gallery tote and pleated ergo in burnt orange. So I am thinking the denim carly but I also need a black. Any suggestions??????
  2. What about the leather Sophie? If you have PCE, you could get the discount on it even and it comes in black leather and is nice and slouchy and not so crazy expensive that you have to baby it. It also comes in patent, but I don't think in black.
  3. I am not a fan of cross body bags because I am short. Also I used the PCE on the other 2 I am exchanging so I don't know if they will give it to me on the new ones.
  4. They have a large heritage stripe tote in berry that's bigger...have you tried that??
  5. I am afraid it might be too big. I am going tomorrow so I will see!
  6. if the med is too small, the large won't be too big...it's only marginally bigger...i
    m partial to the hs stuff lol
  7. what about a patent bleecker tote?!?

    it's still "berry" lol
  8. since pce was used on the other 2 and you're doing an exchange they'll let you do the PCE again, it's not over till sunday