Dilemma, help???

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  1. Ok, lately I've been having a lot of dilemmas. :s

    I just got on the wait list for the hidden chain bag as well as the new Cabas. I know what kind of dilemma is that? :p

    Well, I know what the hidden chain looks like (gorgeous) but I have no idea what the new Cabas looks like. Are the Brooklyn Cabas and Coco Cabas the same purse?:confused1::confused1: Sorry, I'm a Chanel novice.

    I hate to say this but I am not too crazy about the Brooklyn Cabas (don't shoot me), if that's the only kind of Cabas available.

  2. I am officially going nuts. I didn't tell you all what my dilemma is. So between the two, which should I pick
    1) Hidden Chain

    2) New Cabas

  3. What does the hidden chain look like?
  4. I'm also interested to know:rolleyes:
  5. TA DA! I got this pic from the reference center of out tpf.
  6. Hidden chain is gorgerous!

    Here is picture from reference libary:

  7. i would get the hidden chain if the cabas you are getting is the brooklyn version. if it's the "old" cabas then that might be a dilemma!
  8. the hidden chain is really beautiful. are you getting it in the green color like in the picture?

    i think it really depends on what kind of bag you want and what shape you like better. if you want a big shoulder bag, then the cabas is good. if you want a handheld bowler-type bag, then the hidden chain is for you. just depends on which one you're more comfortable with since these are two completely different types of bags.

    imo, i think the cabas is better because you can wear it on your shoulder.
  9. Oh I like the hidden chain!!!
  10. The hidden chain looks amazing!
  11. love the hidden chain. I am not that fond of the Brooklyn
  12. like the hidden chain in that pic.
  13. Ditto for the hidden chain. It is gorgeous.
  14. I'm in for the hidden chain!! :tup:
  15. i like the hidden chain