Dilemma. Help! Thoughts/opinions required.

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Which beige???

  1. blush/beige lambskin jumbo flap

  2. beige clair caviar jumbo flap

  3. wait for the beige i really want in caviar

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  1. #1 Feb 5, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2010
    For the first time on this forum i just can't seem to make up my mind on which beige i want to buy.

    I tried looking for the dark beige/taupe caviar flap and they all seem to be sold out.

    My SA is offering:

    1. The beige/blush lambskin jumbo flap (colour which i love). But i'm a little concerned about the lambskin scratching and marking easily. I have owned M/L lambskin flaps before, but had to baby them a lot.

    2. I could buy the beige clair caviar jumbo flap and not have to worry about it like lambskin. But not really the beige i love.


    3. Or hang out for another beige caviar jumbo flap in the shade i love.

    Beige clair is a part of the permanent collection now.
    Do they still offer other shades of beige for other seasons?

    Love to hear your thoughts or opinions. I keep telling myself the options but still thinking about no.1. but also may regret.

    The blush/beige below. Pic borrowed from chanelobsessed.

    Attached Files:

  2. are there many others in caviar around?

    im not from the US so can't help you there.
  3. yo W!

    here is my 2 cents ... ching ching ... LOL

    when i was 1st saw the new permanent beige in which was introduced late last year i didnt like it compare to the deeper beige that chanel used to have, but lately it grows on me to like it more esp with gold hardware ... the current permanent beige has a soft pinkish tone to the beige for me, its a sweet clean neutral colour but u dont hv to baby it like white ... it will be a perfect to get it for caviar, lambskin is challenging dear ...

    i go for 2nd? but if u seriously unsure, just WAIT!!!!!!

    LOL ... helping?
  4. I would wait! It sounds like you are unsure of the lambskin and you are not crazy about the color of the beige clair. I"m sure the beige you are looking for will eventually turn up on ebay or another source. I would hold off until what you really want comes along. Good luck :smile:
  5. LOL.....still loving that blush/beige .....arghhh get it out of my head.:sos::
    Thanks for your input S and gators.
  6. Although i love beige claire, but i read that you dun really like the color ya? So i voted for you to wait for the color u like ;)
  7. wait to get what you love.
  8. Never settle for less than your HG! Go for the color you really love.
  9. Hey W! :smile: You do have a beige dilemma! :nuts: I think you should hold out for your HG. If you were to get the beige clair Jumbo, would it actually quench your desire for the taupe? It doesn't seem like it would. I think you'll be able to find the taupe, somewhere, somehow... ebay, consignment, etc. :smile: Good luck!!! :flowers:
  10. Wait, never settle!
  11. #11 Feb 5, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2010
    I already have the old beige but was smittened with the new Beige Clair and was tempted to order it to beat the price increase. Very relieved I didn't in the end becos the Beige Clair Lamb I ordered for a fren was a dispappointment to me! It was too yellow for me, I prefer the beige to be more apricot-ish or nude. Granted the color on Lambskin may be more saturated, etc. Beige is a very tricky color for me, it has to be the exact shade I like otherwise I rather live without it. Unlike Navy Blue or Grey, I'll be happy with whatever shades in those colors!
    If I ever buy any Lt Beige in future, I need to be totally blown away when I see it in person and should not have any doubts!
  12. What is not to love about the beige claire?
    I absolutely love the bag and it will be the bag that I buy next!
    I love the color and the caviar and GH. If you are having so many doubts, my guess is that there is some part of you that like the beige claire as well.....I say go for it!
  13. since it sounds like you are so unsure re the lamb i would get the beige claire. i have a deep appreciation for that bag (usually i am a colorful purse wearer) from this site. it's truly stunning w ghw! that being said, i just bought myself a light lamb over something like beige caviar so if you can get over the handling fear, get that!!!!! i guess-which will you enjoy more?? whether b/c you wear it more often and don't have to worry about it? OR which you will like to ogle as you carry (i find my more high maintenance interesting colored lamb flaps are like treats when i take them out--but i am sure to use b/c otherwise, why buy??!!?) good luck!
  14. Wait for what you really want, otherwise it will always bother you, or you might not use it as much.
    If you wait for what you want, you would be completely happy and will get the most out of your money.
    Good luck with your decision! :smile:
  15. I would say wait for the beige you really want sweetie :smile:
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