dilemma, help needed!

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  1. I have the opportunity to buy just 1 bag in the foreseeable future (resources need to be redirect towards, ahem, a new kitchen:nuts:)....now, because I know I can really only get one, I dont know whether to go for a classic (oak bays), or the bit more colourful, current and lighter red mabel. Both bags are on my wishlist... I cant decide! I guess the bays will be around for a while, whereas the mabel is pretty rare now...but then I might be able to wear the bays with more, and it might last longer in terms of style and durability.

    Which one should I go for? :Push:
  2. Red Mabel .. as you say, oak Bays will be around forever & a day!!
  3. Didn't you try a Bays a while back Hula and let it go ? The Bays will always be around but the Mabel's wont...and I think I saw a lovely one on eBay today - enable enable :graucho:
  4. #4 Feb 7, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2010
    definately Red Mabel

    Having said that, I'm slightly going off 2 handled bags. I do find that the Mabels handles do tend to fall off the shoulder.
    I wore my purple one yesterday and spent most of the day hoisting it up.
    I see you have loads of 2 handle bags though
  5. oak bays! oak bays! oak bays!
    you'll love her forever!!! x
  6. I would say oak bays too but i am biased....if it is a dead heat then you must go for the one that is less likely to be around forever. good luck xx
  7. Red Mabel - you can always get an Oak Bays -but hurry up and remove the temptation:nuts:
  8. Red Mabel, the Oak bays can be bought anytime.
  9. Im feeling classic today, so an Oak Bays vote here!!!
    Maybe we need a Sunday night poll ;)
  10. My red Mabel has a red London bus hanging on it and it goes perfectly!
    You could put a nice red post box or telephone box on it?? It would look great...
    You've wanted one for ages...I say go for it!
  11. Oak bays - a timeless classic beauty.
  12. arrgh, opinions are divided and so am I still! keep thinking I had made my mind up to go for bays, but I dont know...
  13. Get Red Mabel and swap it to Oak Bays later! :amuse: One stone - two birds tactics (with little time difference)!
  14. Red mabel gets my vote for what it's worth !
  15. I would 100% go for the Red Mabel. Like some of the other ladies hae said, you will always be able to get an Oak Bayswater but not the Mabel. xx