dilemma, help me out!

  1. Well, I've decided to get my first Louis bag, but I don't which one I should get! I've narrowed it down to two choices, the black mc pochette, and the monogram perfo pochette (fuschia). I'll probably get both eventually, but which one should go first?
  2. perfo pochette.. its seasonal item.. while black mc is not. You can always get the black mc pochette later.
  3. i prefer the Multicolore, because i can't stand the Perfo.

    although i like the Multicolore only in white :yes:
  4. I would say the perfo...the multicolore will be around always whereas the perfo will become harder to find.
    I personally perfer the MC over perfo though!
  5. I much prefer the MC pochette. I don't like the perforated line.
  6. I say the perfo fushia now, because it's summer, and then the black MC because you can wear it in winter too.
  7. if you are gonna get the 2 pochettes eventually, then go for the perfo then epi.
  8. You're set on getting both of them right? If so, then go for the perfo one first since it's limited.

    However if I had to only choose one, I would go for the MC
  9. The perfo is a limited item so get that first! I like it in green.
  10. thanks everyone, does anyone know how much longer the monogram perfo will be around?
  11. Get that Perforated fast!
  12. The MC would be my choice.
  13. I would get the perfo first and then the MC (if you are set on getting both)...if only one, I would chose the MC.
  14. an SA i talked to said the end of summer? can anyone clarify?
  15. Perfo because it's going to be discontinued by the end of August and the supplies are running out fast. I went to get my Damier Speedy today and what was left of the Perfo pieces (green and orange Speedys and a pink scarf) had been moved to the very back of the store.
    Multicolore will always be around.