Dilemma!! Help me choose ASAP

  1. After Christmas, I've decided to purchase a watch. Please help me choose between the LV tambour or J12 Chanel watch. Here are some of the pix
    J12.jpg LVwatch.jpg
  2. Ack. What a decision. I have a J12 waiting for me for another holiday (maybe Vday) that looks just like that. I love LV and all but for watches, I like the Chanel one better.
  3. i like the chanel watch better too
  4. I think the Chanel is prettier.
  5. I like the face on the Chanel and the strap on the LV.
  6. ^Me too! The strap is what sells it for me :love: Tough decision! I think I'm going to go with the J12 though it looks like the Technomarine Ceramique :shame:
  7. I love both but the Chanel is probably what I would go with =)
  8. i personally like getting watches from a watch company, like longine or rolex or tag..
  9. Same here. :smile:
  10. J12
  11. Chanel gets my vote.
  12. J12 :yahoo: !!!
  13. Chanel vote here.
  14. Definitely the J12. I love it and I'm dying to get one.
  15. I prefer the Chanel, very simple.