Dilemma GST or GST XL- your thoughts!

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  1. I feel like goldilocks. I started, bought and then returned a GST- it felt too boxy and awkward. Then I looked at loads of PSTs but too small. Now I have tried the XL and think this could be it- spacious and longer. I like big bags. But what do you think ladies? Was I too rash moving away from the GST? Will the XL be too big and what about weight? Too heavy? XL users I'd love your opinion. Thank you x
  2. I have an XL. It's still very boxy. But I love it :biggrin: It's not especially heavy to me, but I have a high tolerance for heavy bags.
  3. I briefly considered a GST but it is too small for my work/daily needs. An XL GST would work better for someone who needs to carry a lot (files, laptop, etc.). The only downside in my opinion is that it can't work for the weekend as it looks very office-ish if that makes sense. The regular GST looks better for the weekend/casual use. Also, if you need to wear it for a long time, it looks like it would be annoying (but if you drive/sit at the office, then I think it would be fine).
  4. Hello Jan70!
    It depends on your needs. In home life I like to carry my book, iPad, magazine, snacks for me and my son, & laptop at any given time. When I'm in work mode I want to carry my laptop, books, & files at any given time. This has made the GST XL my go-to bag. I can wear it to lunch and shopping with the girls then run to work and it's fit for both scenes. Unless it's a formal dinner I'm never in a smaller bag so I don't find the GST XL to be heavy... it fits my lifestyle. I love the rectangular shape because it's not to formal and not to casual. You can never go wrong with a classic. 😊 It's all on how you feel about it.

    Best of luck with your decision!!