Dilemma: Get S/S bag or F/W bag????!!??


What Would You Do?

  1. Buy Stratus PM at end of August

  2. Forget Stratus and buy Mirage Speedy

  3. Hold off until you see Mirage IRL and then decide

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  1. UGH....it's happening....I'm liking a F/W bag after I swore up and down no F/W bags for me!

    Soooo...basically y'all know I am playing catch up on LE items...trying to squeeze them in between current LE items and regular items. So I got behind this S/S because I wanted the Stephen. Well...I did buy the Dentelle speedy.
    Now...I want the Stratus PM in beige. I try it on all the time in the store and love it.
    But...I find myself now wanting to buy the Mirage speedy.
    Here are my pros & cons:

    Beautiful, color goes with everything, unique, my first 'runway' piece (everything else is just limited and not a runway piece), all leather as opposed to canvas, soft and smooshy, great size, I don't have any light colored bags
    Expensive ($2400), potential for color transfer, potentially a very fragile bag, poofy handles, potentially trendy

    Unique, limited edition, can buy it + another bag for the same as the Stratus,
    Expensive for what it is ($1800), haven't seen it IRL, very dark so only really suitable for F/W as opposed to year round, I have a ton of speedys

    Another major thing....I haven't seen the Mirage IRL yet, and if I wait until mid-September there really may be a chance all the Stratus' are gone from the US (it means an extra 2 week wait from when I originally plan to buy the Stratus).
    This is pretty much my only 'big big' purchase until the end of the year (everything else will be smaller purchases under 1K - i.e. Cruise line, etc.)...so it has to be right!
    There is also a chance the Mirage may go up...if it hits 2K I am definetly not buying it (IMHO 2K is way too much for a canvas speedy)!

    So...what would you do?
  2. I'm not a fan of the Mirage line at the moment... I say get the Stratus!
  3. I agree with John. The Stratus is so pretty!
  4. Cloude bag
    Cloude Bag
    Get the stratus PM Twiggers! It looks soooooo soft and CHEWY.
  5. since you already have tons of speedys, I vote for stratus
    it's soooo pretty and unique
  6. sorry but i have seen stratus and mirage BOTH in real life, and the mirage gets my vote indefinitely.
  7. Thanks guys....keep 'em coming!!! I probably shoulda posted pics ...sorry! But I think most everyone knows what each of these bags looks like.

  8. Really?? How come?? UGH....I need my Chicago store to have a trunk show so I can check out the Mirage before August!
  9. i just think the mirage is SO sharp for a re-invention of the speedy. the stratus is pretty and soft and squishy, but the speedy is just so...i dunno. very me i guess, maybe that's why i like it. but the handles are so shiney, they won't turn, and the fading on the bag is awesome. it's just something you wont see often, not that you will see a stratus often, but the mirage is just SO sharp. i just have to vote for it. lol. looks like i'm totally the minority. lol.

  10. DITTO! and buy it now! I am an enabler:supacool:
  11. Oh Jen....if I could buy it right now I would. Unfortunately, all money in June & July is going to my stupid house! Which I hate LOL

    I am crossing my fingers that Ms. Stratus will still be around in August...otherwise it may just be Mirage LOL
  12. I say go with the Stratus. You've been wanting it for a long time now. It's more unique and goes with more things, IMO. And later on if you want the speedy, you can try and get it.
  13. Stratus!!!!!
  14. get the stratus, i think the mirage is not going to be much of a hit. it reminds me of my grandmas attic. the stratus is such a gorgeous bag, and if you end up not liking it, it will have incredible resale value!
  15. I'd go with Mirage, because it's just a little bit edgier. I'm always looking for something classic with a twist but that's just me. Good luck making your decision!