Dilemma for Mother’s Day

  1. My son asked me what I wanted for Mothers Day. Tokidoki what else! What style. Being a good Mother, I mentioned a cheaper style Denaro. He replied I thought his girlfriend said you really liked the Zucca. (his girlfriend that got me stared on this craziness). So he wants to get me a Spiaggia Zucca for Mother’s Day in memory of my huge hunt for a Gameboy for Xmas one year. WOW did I raise him right or not!!!!!!

    I have sent him images of potential perfect print placements with how they could be even more perfect.

    OK here is the dilemma: what if the Spiaggia shows up in stores here before Mother’s Day which they are saying it should; should I NOT look. He is excited he can go on a hunt for me and get me something special. Plus his girlfriend will be on the hunt with him.

    What I think I will do is just look at Denaros and avoid the bag section all together. Will power will be tested but it might be extra fun to see what he finds.

    By the way, my mom is getting a Tokidoki for Mother’s Day. That will make 3 generations (OK it is my son’s girlfriend but close enough)
  2. wow thats sound so cool :biggrin: you sure did raise him right ..thats so sweet of him:biggrin: hmmm im sure your toki senses will kick in and you would end up looking at the bags too :lol: so what you are getting for your mother??
  3. I am giving my mom the Foresta porttalelfono I got this weekend. She loves birds and it has a nest and a pink bird on the back and the bluebird on the front. She wanted something for her camera and she has never seen a "real" Tokidoki. I love the placement but she would adore it and the first Tokidoki needs to be special.
    She is also getting a bunch of My Goody Goody which she loves.
    She is coming out to California in June and then we will really go Tokidoki-ing.
  4. Aw..how sweet :biggrin: yeah foresta is the best :graucho:
  5. Not to be too nosy, but what's My Goody Goody?
  6. I quess it is not My Goody Goody but just Goody Goody. Goody Goody makes shoes, small purses and jewelry bags
    Go to http://www.goodygoodyshoes.com/ look under the truffles sections
    I got my mom a jellyroll, truffle and cell phone bags in the Blue Jonquil.
  7. OMG...those are so cute where do you buy them? :shrugs:
  8. i think i may get my mom slippers she looks quirky/unique things and loves slippers now I must narrow down!

    nice find and thanks for sharing!
  9. There is a Pharmacy near mu Vet that sells them.