Dilemma- for Artsy empreinte - please help!


Should I exchange for one that is MIU?

  1. Yes exchange for one here MIU and break it in.

  2. Keep my current one and enjoy it. Don't worry about the embossing fading.

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  1. hi everyone - any thoughts appreciated on my dilemma if I should exchange my Artsy or not!

    I purchased an artsy mm in empreinte noir in Europe last week. It was the only one they had. After I brought it back I noticed the embossing on the front is deeper than the back. The back looks worn off.

    I brought it to a boutique and they were willing to let me exchange it. But all the ones are "made in USA" (on the tag) with deeper embossing and stiffer leather.

    Mine is made in Spain with buttery soft leather. The leather is softer and broken in for some reason. The SA did say it was a display model. My husband wants me to keep the Europe one just because I got it there.

    I've attached a few photos. Should I exchange for one here or not?

    IMG_9172.PNG IMG_9173.PNG IMG_9170.PNG IMG_9171.PNG
  2. I mean it's really up to you,which is more important, the embossing or where it's made? Personally, I would prefer made in anywhere with deeper embossing to a bag that was the display and appears worn. Have you checked others stores? Mine is made in US and perfection.
  3. I mean it is really up to you, a deep embossing on the made in USA may last longer since the it is not as soft as the made in Spain one. Perhaps give yourself another 2 nights to sleep in, to see if u are truly in love with ur current bag? If u are not then I will suggest changing it for the USA one :smile:

    Is the Europe trip a very special trip to you and hubby ? If is then I will keep the bag
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  4. I don't think I would take a display bag just because it's made in Spain. Personally, as long as the bag has no defects I don't mind where it's made- if I find a perfect bag made in Spain or France I consider that the cherry on top! Great if I get one but ok if don't.
    The embossing will get lighter with more use, so it's usually better to buy a bag with deep embossing. The leather will get softer too.
    You have to be 100% happy with it, because you'll be carrying her. Don't use her till u decide.
  5. The reason why the USA one seem stiffer is probably because it's brand new and hasn't had time to break in. Empreinte is a soft leather that will soften over time. I probably would exchange it so the embossing lasts longer. The only thing to keep in mind is that you have to pay tax to do an international exchange (depending on your state of course). Don't worry too much about where the bag is made just do what makes you happy :smile:
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  6. Interesting. I've been wondering why mine is soft and that totally explains why. Is it tax on the USA price ($3150) or tax on what I paid in euros?
  7. I'd exchange for sure. I would want faded embossing on a brand new bag.
  8. Such a personal decision. I like buttery soft but if the embossing bothers you, exchange?
  9. The Empreinte Artsy will become buttery soft with use, buying one buttery soft already indicates that it's probably been used or overhandled and tried on by others.
  10. Hello all

    I want to give everyone an update on my situation.

    I found one that is much structured (newer I guess), same texture and I like it. The embossing is even on ALL sides of the artsy BUT lighter than the heavier side of the original bag I had (if that makes sense).

    For international exchanges, they ask you to pay sales tax which I think is totally unfair- and it comes out to about $250.

    Would you guys exchange it?
  11. I would be thinking about what I could buy or put $250 towards like shoes, an SLG etc lol!! If the embossing being uneven will bug you, I say pay for the exchange. You will be happier with your bag if you do. Nothing like something weird or just not quite right to keep you up at night. Been there, done that. It's not worth the headache IMO.
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