Dilemma! First Vernis - Lilas or Rose Angelique

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  1. Hi Ladies!

    I am looking to purchase my first Vernis item from LV and I have decided on the PM Alma, as this will suit my size and frame the best. I have a few LV bags mostly in the canvas! and I'm so stuck between the beautiful new Lilas shade or the Rose Angelique!

    Any thoughts would be appreciated! - I think the lilas is stunning for spring, and I think it would go quite nicely with my long dark hair, but would the Rose be more versatile for my fist vernis ?

    Thanks ladies!

    India x;)
  2. Hi there! I'm personally more of Lilac/Aubergine type of girl in oppose to Pink shades but I think the Rose Angelique is a much more versatile color than the Lilac. I think it has a beautiful combination of Pink and some Peach/Beige to it that makes it beautifully neutral. Seeing as this is your very first Vernis (and I'm assuming not your last!) I suggest the Rose Angelique. Good luck with your decision and I wish to see an Alma PM reveal from you very soon :heart:
  3. Thanks Miss Taz! I'm slightly woried about colour transfer with the Rose! hmmm x
  4. I say Rose Angelique since it will match more colors.
  5. RA for sure! matches with almost everything. neutral but still a pop of color. the new lilac colors are very nice but a bag in this price range I have a bags for years. The lilacs are probably a bit too loud....
  6. Depends on what you need, RA would be easy to mix and match. Its more subtle colour compare to lilac. If u need a bit of color pop i suggest to go for lilac.

    Personally i like pop of colour n vernis so my vote goes to lilac.

    Hope that helps!
  7. I think they are both gorgeous colors, so I am not much help. Since the RA seems more neutral, and would go with more, get the Alma in RA and then get a SLG in the Lilas.
    That's what I would do.:peace:
  8. I have both colors! The alma pm in RA and the alma bb in lilas! I briefly contemplated switching the alma pm for lilas then getting the RA in bb, but I decided that for the pm, thee RA IS better bc or the lovely shimmer and the neutrality. It's more practical to have a bigger bag in a neutral shade. And I'm all for pops of color- but I think those are also better in year round shades. For example, for a bigger alma id vote amethyste in mm. Can be used year round and no color transfer issues, even though I actually like lilas better. If you're in the market for 2 I'd get lilas in bb! Perfect color and size combo :smile:
  9. I think both colors would be prone to color transfer as they're both very light, albeit beautiful.
  10. This.
  11. RA!! I think this color will go with more outfits in ones wardrobe. gl :smile:
  12. +1 Agree
  13. Ooooh I don't think I'll be much help with this one. I absolutely love them both. The RA is a fantastic pink and the Lilas is a lovely springy light purple. They both look great in all styles and sizes.

    So - good luck with your decision! :smile:
  14. i'm with the majority on this one: get the RA because it's a more versatile color. think how pretty that neutral/pink will look with navy (really all blues), browns, grays, yellows, even against shades of purple.

    regarding color transfer: the main culprit are blue jeans so be very careful if you carry this bag while wearing jeans. i'm still very careful but i do wash new jeans the first several times in straight vinegar, it "sets" the color and is supposed to help with things like color transfer. i'm not sure how much truth there is to this but i still do it yet am still very careful when wearing jeans around any vernis.
  15. Thanks everyone! I think I was just WOWED by the Lilas... but looking at it I think RA will be more my thing. I just love the spring colour haha :smile: I think I need the Lilas in BB!

    Thanks so much :biggrin: