Dilemma: Etain 30 Gold - clemence or Togo ?

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  1. Ladies:

    I understand the difference between the leathers.
    But not having seen the color IRL I could not make a decision!!
    Also I've understood that etain shows quite differently in the leathers?
    Please share your thoughts and help me choose!

    Thank you
  2. Forgot to mention: it's a Birkin :smile:
  3. If you like a bag that will slouch overtime, go for Clemence.
    If you like a bag that will keep it's shape better, go for Togo. Togo will also slouch a bit, but Clemence will slouch more. Therefore, I prefer Togo leather.
  4. I don't see much difference in my Etain Togo vs Etain Clemence. Ditto what **Chanel** said!
  5. clemence -- because I prefer the feel of it
  6. As Purseinsanity said, nowadays Togo and Clemence is hard to tell the difference.
    I prefer the rigidness of Togo but I like the feel and look of flat grain of Clemence.
    And in smaller Birkin... I'd go for Clemence, hoping that it will be a more rigid Clemence. :smile:
  7. i prefer togo, grain is finer and more textured than clemence..
  8. Another vote for Togo!
  9. TOGO TOGO TOGO !!!!!

    oo and darling TOOOGOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
  10. Another vote for Togo
  11. i vote for togo as well, more durable.. hahaha
  12. If must then togo^
  13. I have compared two etain birkins 35cm in clemence and togo side by side, and the etain in clemence appeared slightly lighter than the etain in togo. I preferred the color in clemence. Generally I prefer togo leather for birkins as I don't like slouch, but etain looked more pleasing to my eye in clemence. HTH and good luck deciding.
  14. Agree with Chanel..
  15. I think each batch of leather takes on dye differently. My latest Togo's grains look very much like Clemence, my SM and I had to check the white card on the box to be doubly sure.
    Also, my fren's GT and mine from different years have slight shade variation.
    Just go with your gut, you will never know the exact outcome of what you ordered/offered.