Dilemma - Epi Mandarin Alma or Soufflot???

  1. OK here is the problem, I have always liked the Epi Mandarin Soufflot and i went to the Holts downtown Calgary and placed one on hold - it was supposed to have been coming up the next week from another store but when i went to the store about 3 weeks later, it had come in but someone else had charged a hold on the same purse and bought it . So i was without my soufflot :sad: :sad: I then ordered another one from the warehouse this time and my SA said for me not to waste my breath on it coming in anytime soon bcos it takes them a while to send stuff to Calgary - anyways i got disappointed and bought a mono ellipse MM!!! THe purse had apparently been in the store for a little while bcos its date code was 2001 and the purse had oxidized quite a bit was now a lovely honey blonde color!! I then changed my mind and then said i wanted a new ellipse made either last yr or this yr and swopped it out for the last mandarin alma they had (this alma had been a display purse btw) and ive had the alma in my closet!!!!

    Today, my SA called and said my Mandarin Soufflot was in and she would hold it for me - and i would love to return the alma for the soufflot as i dont need two orange bags right:P but i feel kinda bad as this is the second time i'll be exchanging a purse with them but i cant afford another LV purse right now, maybe in another month or so help pleaseeeee do i keep the alma, or exchange for the soufflot and wait till my ellipse comes in and then buy then or what do you guys thing?? I think i prefer a mandarin soufflot to an alma but the alma isnt bad at all:worried: THanks for any input guys;)
  2. Who cares what they think...

    They're selling you a $1,000 bag, and if you have to exchange it 3 times to make yourself happy then do it!

    Go for it! :biggrin:
  3. ^^^ I Agree.
  4. YAY!!!! I like the answers - i think i'll probably go and get it tomorrow but i think i like the alma so maybe i'll take it instead of the ellipse but in another color - maybe the red???? U guys are awesome:cool:
  5. IMO Sufflot is waaay better. Plus it comes w/ a mini soufflot =)
  6. I'd love an alma in mandarine! I saw that demo that was in the display case at the Calgary Holt a couple weeks ago! It was gorgeous!

    Remember about LV's return policy though...b/c don't they ban someone from returning for a year if you return over two? That's what I've read in previous threads at least.
  7. Some people looks weird with the Soufflot so you need to put it on to see if you like it. I tried the Soufflot and it didn't look right on me :sad:
  8. yep that alma in the display case is now mine! well if i dont return it that is?? Oh well, i just get the soufflot and get the alma in another color later!
  9. If you're allowed to return the Alma, then definitely go in and get the Soufflot! Seriously, if you've been hanging out for the Soufflot for all this time, you shouldn't have to compromise yourself!
  10. get hte bag you want.. if you're not happy with the one you have exchange it for what you'll use and like better.