dilemma, dilemma, dilemma

  1. Dear Ladies,

    i would like to ask for your wise advice:
    let's say you are a young professional, changing your carrier/ lifestyle for a job what you always wanted-but unfortunately it comes with much less salary (at least at the first 3 years) so you need to say goodbye for some of your bags from the following:
    -HAC36 brown/togo
    -Kelly 35 rouge H/swift
    -Trim 35 black/clemence
    -Lindy 34 etoupe/swift
    -Plume 32 black/box
    -Bolide 31 gold/clemence
    -Picotin TGM gold/clemence
    Only keep 2-3 which are multi-function....which ones should be??????

  2. Which ones do you use the most? Are there any that don't find their way into your rotation too often so you could cross them out first?
  3. That's such a hard decision!

    Firstly, congratulations on the career change! That takes such courage and strength, and I hope that it is everything you have wanted it to be. :flowers:

    Now, on to the bags!!

    Personally, I would keep:

    *Kelly-I might be wrong, but reds seem to be harder to come by, and this bag will bring you such pleasure on a cold and dreary day. :smile:

    *Plume-I always read about a box shortage here on the forum and I would hate for you to be unable to replace this bag when the time comes.

    *Either the HAC or the Lindy. Both are very neutral and beautiful bags. Of those two, which do you carry more/would be more practical?

    That's a tough decision, and I wish you luck! :p
  4. Good for you for entering the profession you've always wanted! That's great. I think I would keep the following bags:

    -HAC36 brown/togo: This is the perfect size and shape for bringing to work. It can double as your briefcase and handbag at the same time.

    -Plume 32 black/box: Because there is always an occasion to wear a black box bag.

    Then, for me, it is a tie between the Kelly and the Bolide. Do you wear mostly larger bags (like the 35cm Kelly) or smaller bags (like the 31cm Bolide)? Both are gorgeous bags in great neutral colors.

    Good luck with your new profession!
  5. Congratulation and best wishes towards your career change. I would keep:

    -HAC (it is perfect for work or casual)
    -Kelly 35 rouge H/swift (classic)
    and maybe
    -Plume 32 black/box (for dressy or shoulder use)
  6. I can only imagine how hard this must be for you, even in light of the great career path you have chosen to follow! I wish you the best in following your dreams, even if it means shedding some H along the way.

    I would first wonder: what kind of lifestyle do you have outside of work? Do you go out to a lot of fancy places or are you a very casual person? what does your wardrobe consist of in terms of color? Do you mostly prefer neutral bags? (this is what I'm guessing as most of your bags are black, gold or brown except for the lovely Rouge H Kelly).

    I don't want to make any assumptions based on your collection of bags - and right now I'm only eyeing the ones that I would keep for myself if I had your collection. I'd want to know a bit more about you before I suggest off the top of my head!
  7. Thanks everyone for your kind words!

    I am very happy about my career decision, and i am sure -on a long run- it will bring me a lot of joy among many great H-bags:smile:
    I am 5'6'', 120lb, mostly wearing black (summer white) both for work as well at my freetime.
    due to my work, i am very often invited for fancy parties/ restaurants/ cocktail events-but there i mostly wear my croc clutch-
    I think the most used/loved of my bags is the Kelly...
  8. My vote for the keepers are: HAC, Kelly, Plume
  9. and mine...HAC, kelly and lindy :heart:

    good luck on your new career :flowers:
  10. Hmmm...OK, then here's my opinon: keep the Kelly because you use it and love it. And then I would say the Trim for a black bag and either the Bolide or the Picotin (because gold looks so great with black). Or the HAC. Ugh this is hard!

    Congrats on your new job, btw!!!
  11. The HAC 36 brown/togo. It will do anything, anytime.
    The Kelly 35 rouge H/swift. Classic Hermes The classic color/bag keep it forever.
    Plume 32 black/box I chose this last one over the others because it can go from day to night and box calf becomes more beautiful with age. Beautiful bag.
    4th would be the bolide 31 gold good size neutral color.
  12. I absolutely agree with this. Congrats on the new job.
  13. I agree but I would maybe keep the trim or bolide instead of the plum
  14. :yes::yes::yes:ITA!
  15. :woohoo: