Dilemma -Chanel Cambon flap vs. Chanel Cert tote

Mar 10, 2006
He there, new member to this forum. You are all so stylish and up to the minute in "it" bags. :lol: I am a handbag addict and need help deciding on a new classic black bag. I am trying to make more "timeless" decisons in the bags I choose. I have just purchased both the black chanel cerf tote and the black Cambon flap tote (black with black cc - not patent). I am a stay at home mom, travel a bit and use my large handbags as a diaper bag sometimes. WE are going to Europe and I want large day bag and thought the flap cambon would be safer since it closes. I am very casual, live in Arizona and wear jeans and dressy tops most of the time...I have a pretty deep handbag collection for special ccassions, etc. But which is the better every day bag? I need to be able to have the handle drop long enough to wear it on my left shoulder while holding my son on my hip....HELP!
I personally think the Cambon flap bag is more practical. It has a great side pocket. Also the shape reminds me of the 2.55. It has more of the Chanel motifs: quilting, flap with CC closure, the back curved pocket.

Good luck on deciding!
re:Cambon Flap Bag=I have the same bag...I am a stay at home mom and its my all time fav bag...I live in it...Even my hubby actually admits thats it worth every penny! You will LOVE it!!!
I traveled to France in September ...I brought like 6 bags...and never used anything but the chanel!!Its amazing!
jill, thanks, from one mom to another, I am trying be practical and stylish which as you know is not always compatable. You girls are awesome. The SA at saks is gonna hate me but she is getting the cerf tote back...I do Love the Cambon and NM was nice to help me find the black on black! I lvoe that the Cambon has the 2.55 shape, totally agree and has the classic chanel lines... many thanks!
jill. did you get it? I just saw the large lux tote in yummy silver with the chain/leather strap at the chanel trunk show... the drop is perfect for moomyhood but it seemed kind of long/wide and could be unwieldly...but what a perfect amount of space... pics please
addicted said:
Does anyone have a picture of the cambon flap? For some reason I'm picturing a small bag..

Does the cambon scratch easily since the leather is soft?

here is it...I have this also...it was my first chanel and is my favorite bag...I'd carry it everyday but I try to give it a break because it is lambskin. The side pocket is great. I always put my cellphone there or my work badge.


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