Dilemma Chanel 2.55 or Fendi Peekaboo mini

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  1. Such a hard decision between Chanel 2.55 vs Fendi Peekaboo mini. I guess it is probably an unfair comparison as they are at different price point, but I have been torn between these 2 bags for months! Please help me decide!

    Ideally I hope I don’t need to sell any of my bags, which means it should be able to last in design and also it’s durability.

    I currently own the following:

    Chanel CF medium
    LV montsouris backpack
    Gucci Dionysus top handle bag (consider selling though, as it is a bit heavy for me)
    Diorama medium
    Dior my lady Dior
    Chanel Gabrielle small
    Valentino Rockstud Crossbody bag

    Chanel 2.55 is an absolute classic, it has been on my list for a while.

    For Fendi Peekaboo mini, I love the lamb skin version. It is beautiful and sleek, the only thing that is holding me back is the maintenance and durability.

    Anyone have both bags? Dying to hear from you guys.

    Thanks heaps!!!!!

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  2. I also saw the new seasonal Peekaboo mini in store the other day. It is in coated lamb skin.

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  3. my SA said coated lamb skin might be more durable.
    I love its vintage look but concerned that it does not look as classic as the smooth lamb peekaboo.
    Need help!
  4. Mini Peekaboo for variety.
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  5. Thank you Ramai!
  6. I’m a fan of the 2.55! Don’t have both though! Go with what makes your heart sing!
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  7. Thank you! They both do! :smile:
    I read about peekaboo mini lamb leather can be hard to look after, and I want this (2.55 or peekaboo) as a worry free bag, otherwise I love them both!
  8. Here are photos of me trying on both Peekaboo mini. Don’t have a photo of me and 2.55, but Chanel classic never goes wrong!

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  9. For sure, reissue
  10. thanks! aged calf skin more durable too :smile:
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    I actually have both bags! I love both, but I will say the lambskin for the mini Peekaboo is very delicate. I've only worn it a handful of times (less than 10) and there is noticeable wear on the corners, but I love the style of the bag so much that I may consider getting the next size up which is the Essentially (it's in calfskin and much more durable). If I had known how delicate the leather was, I might have passed on purchasing it despite loving the design of the bag so much - it just happened per chance they came out with the Essentially the following year which would have been my ideal bag in this design but I didn't know they were coming out with this size at the time of purchase.

    On the other hand my reissue is in aged calfskin and quite durable. I don't find myself babying it quite as much as my mini Peekaboo. Given the above and what I know now about both bags, without a doubt I would get the Reissue first! This is especially true given Chanel raises their prices every year.

    Hope this helps!!
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  12. Xlana thank you so much for the detailed reply. Much appreciated!

    Yes, delicate skin is a concern as it reduces the joy of using a bag (to me)! I think I might go for reissue first and maybe essentially later :smile:
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  13. You're welcome! I really do love both bags though, but like you I like my bags to be more durable than not. I don't really buy multiple versions of bags so it just goes to show how much I love the style of the Peekaboo since I'm seriously considering purchasing an Essentially in the near future. It's worthwhile having both imo :P
  14. Seems like the Reissue is mostly checking off a list of what you think you should have in a bag, while the Fendi is what your heart truly wants. Since you already have the CF medium, I vote Fendi, especially if you can only buy one or the other. If you definitely know you'll eventually get both, I say Reissue so you can lock it in before future price increases.
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  15. Totally agree! I love Peekaboo design since it came out. I will definitely go check out essentially.

    Regarding durability, I realised that I can get a bit compulsive and wanting to sell if the bag looks worn.
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