DILEMMA: Can't decide which AGENDA to BUY! I want them all!

  1. So soon after my mono canvas speedy 35 purchase this August, I've been going nuts and want to purchase everything!

    I recently purchased the sweet flowers bandeau in red and the LVoe bandeau. I thought they were sold out everywhere, but a very nice SA over the phone was able to ship them to me from CA.

    ANYWAYS...I probably don't deserve another LV item, but I figure that an AGENDA will make my life so much more ORGANIZED and on track. I'm also planning to use it as a wallet.

    So would you guys try to get a matching agenda for your purse or would you try to spice it up with a diff material agenda?

    What would look good with a monogram canvas speedy?

    Also, which size is the most versatile for a busy college student? (using it as a wallet as well)

    -mono canvas small agenda

    -mono canvas small trunks
    Is this LIMITED EDITION? Looks interesting...what do you ladies think?

    -mono canvas medium agenda

    -vernis small agenda in RED
    It looks so sexy, but should I try to match it with my MC speedy or be brave and bold with this one? Does vernis scratch very easily?
    -perle vernis small
    Looks very cute, but will it get dirty?
    -noisette small agenda
    It's a beige color, so it looks like it'll match a bunch of things. But it's a bit boring? Not sure...

    -black epi small
    I plan on purchasing a black epi speedy in the future, maybe I should get this to match it? I kind of prefer the vernis though because it's not the typical LV and it's still bold.

    What size planner notes would I purchase with the small agendas?

    This is so tough! I love them all, but can only purchase one. What do you ladies think?

    Also, if I purchase the 2008 planner notes then I won't be able to use it until 2008 right? Stupid question, but I want to use this agenda asap so my life can be a bit more organized. How do you get the ruler too?

    Also...to heat stamp or not to heat stamp? That is the question! Haha...
    I want to heat stamp my name on the agenda, but I'm afraid that they'll mess up with alignment and whatnot. Also for heatstamping... would you guys recommend just the plain heatstamp or with a metallic color fill? Does the metallic/color lettering fade after a certain amount of time?
  2. I appreciate your post -- I need to exchange the one I just purchased.:crybaby::crybaby:

    I bought an Amarante agenda and hate it because of the fingerprints.
    They're just horrible, everytime I pick it up ...more fingerprints.:cursing:
    I wanted to love it, I love the color, but the fingerprints make it aweful.
  3. Borrowed these photos from frostedbetty...I hope that's okay with her.

    The amarante is GORGEOUS! So since it's patent leather like vernis...that means vernis would get fingerprints too? Does it scratch easily?

    That might be a huge factor in me avoiding the vernis line. But the shiny patent leather in vernis is so lovely! Hmm...
  4. I love the amarante colour, and I thought that I wanted the agenda as well....I decided against it because of the fingerprints as well. Sad. It's such an interesting colour.:crybaby:I wish they made that monogram matte still
  5. I'm with you yslalice ...

    I love the color, its so pretty -- but for small leather goods or items you handle often the amarante vernis is such a dud.
    I might exchange it for Pomme which is real pretty too, but I have several pieces of it.
  6. I love the vernis agenda in pomme! Some folks say that you can get lucky and get 2007 inserts for free since it's almost the end of the year. I would get one in pomme or the trunks and bag one.

    I would be too afraid of getting the perle one dirty.

    Lots of folks order filofax.com inserts to save money too.
  7. For a busy college student, I would recommend the medium agenda, however, those small vernis agendas are to die for. I have a small agenda in damier ebene and one in vernis framboise. I absolutely love my vernis agenda. Here are some pics:
    IMG_0266.JPG IMG_0255.JPG IMG_0254.JPG

    its bold, and unique and will match with any leather.
    epi, damier, monogram, mini lin, taiga, denim, vernis, etc.

    ITS THE ONE... THE ONE!!!!!
  9. I agree...but i usally like to match with my bags...but this one u can carry it by itself and its still pretty.
  10. Definitely get a pomme one if you can! They're hard to find. I am dying for a framboise one but they are long gone so I tried to get a pomme one but they are gone too.
  11. I would like the pomme vernis agenda- its a beautiful color. Can I ask you a question, Do you LOVE your monogram 35?
    I a thinking of one, love that size but am wondering if I should get it. I really didn't like monogram, but after reading this site-am slowly dying for one!
  12. I absolutely LOVE:heart: my speedy 35! I'm a 5'10 gal, so huge bags are awesome for me. It's so roomy! I love the way it looks and it holds a lot of stuff, but I'm always to nervous about getting the vachetta dirty. My next purchase is going to be a damier speedy 30...no vachetta:sweatdrop:. Or an epi black speedy...

    And thanks for the help everyone. I think I will buy the vernis in pomme (red) if they still have any at my local botique. Hopefully they'll be nice and give me the 2007 notes, etc...I'd hate to wait until 2008 just to use my planner!

    If not...I'll probably purchase the medium MC agenda.

    I'll keep you guys updated with which one I get and I'll take pix of all my new stuff soon!

  13. Oh my...thank you for posting those pix up! The red is so sexy and the hello kitty notes are too cute!

    Seeing all the vernis photos on this forum made me fall in love with patent leather. I used to think it was so tacky a few years ago, but now it's the most gorgeous thing ever!
  14. I'm a college student and I found that the Medium agenda fits my needs for a wallet and planning my schedule for school and what not. Its on the bigger size but a perfect fit for my life. I would get a monogram or a damier, theres no problem with matching :smile: I plan on getting a monogram speedy so have a matching agenda is going to be cute!
  15. oh thats good. im really trying to find a agenda in medium, but preferably epi leather.