Dilemma BYE BYE baby cabas and hello 2.55???

small black baby cabas a keeper?

  • yes!

  • NO! be a good daughter!

  • Undecided

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Sep 14, 2006
In dilemma! Just got my black small baby cabas! Thanks to Smoothoprter! :yahoo:

But now the problem is my mom love that bag too!!! So should I just be a good daughter and give it (more like exchange) to her and get a chanel 2.55 black or navy jumbo size (like I can get it now since mom would pay for it)???


Or just keep the cabas save money (probably another couple of months) and buy my own 2.55??:sad::confused1::confused1::confused1::crybaby:

pls need help!:confused1::confused1:


Sep 14, 2006
evychew! well u are right! but the thing is im in melbourne studying and she is back in malaysia (yes the bag arrived this morning purfect timming... my mom justcame down for holiday and saw the bag :nogood:)

and Smoothoprter, she told me she either have that bag and she isnt going buy another cabas (i think she thinks she might have a chance on "borrowing" it when i come home for holiday and do that oh i forgot to return it... :sneaky::hysteric:)

urgh this is baddd


Jun 29, 2006
I personally would give my mom anything she wanted and I wouldn't feel bad at all, I love my mom more than words can describe and seeing her happy would be worth more than any bag to me. Don't mean to sound corny, that's just how I feel about my mom.


May 9, 2006
I think - as much as I wouldn't want to - I'd give it to mom and get the 2.55 or order another cabas for myself.

Moms are forever and you may be 'over' the cabas rage in a few years (ok ok probably not but you know what I mean)


May 1, 2007
I would let my mom use it while she's in Melbourne. Then, after she leave, it's your turn.

Maybe when you're back in Malaysia for your big winter break, you can let your Mom use it again.

Dunno how bad your Mom wants it though. Taking turns might not works.

But.. ONLY ONE MOM and MOM can't be measured by money or chanel.. LOL
Sep 14, 2006
i would give it to my mom, and buy another one for myself..
so both of you can have it...how bout that?:whistle:

moreover, when I cannot meet my mom often (since we live in different countries :crybaby:)..
i 'll give her everything she wants as long as I can.hehehe...(and not outrageous.hoho)
I had a similar dilemma!! Only, the bag was a Chloe Paddington and not a Chanel. I bought a Cross-Body Paddington from Saks for ridiculously cheap (like, $450) and showed it to my mom once I came home. She fell in love with it immediately, and asked if she could have it. I said yes, then said no, and finally changed my mind yet again and let her have it. I was smarting about it for a while, since I really liked the bag, but like katie123 said, i only have one mom. I figured that I could find another one somewhere else. And I did! I found another Paddy in the classic satchel shape in a gorgeous color. So it all worked out in the end anyway. There are more Cabas coming out in the fall, so maybe you want to consider putting your mom on a waiting list?