Dilemma @ buying a Prada Nylon tote.

  1. Dear All,

    I'm based in Singapore, and while window shopping couple of weeks back at the local Prada store in singapore, i spotted a red nylon tote similar to the one in the link I have attached below.

    According to the staff, they said that it was a limited edition bag and 2 have been sold and the last bag being the display piece still waiting for its owner.

    My heart says buy the bag, but my other mind says "hold on and check out the exlcusivity first" I did have my fair share of shopping madness when i bought a bag from Chanel and the staff there claimed that it was one of a kind in singapore ( being yellow and in lambskin). Being a sucker for the yellow color, i bought the bag. Only to see another of such bag being sold at the boutique couple of weeks later.

    I have seen the leather version all black body or with a pink bowtie versions in the catalogs, but yet to see a red version of it as displayed at the Prada outlet in Singapore.

    Well thanks for reading this far :p . I would like to know if there is any ladies out there based in Europe ,States or Asia being able to vouch or at least say its a limited edition bag ? And lastly any comments for the tote bag whether is worth the deal ? its a bright red color.



  2. I know this won't be much help but I saw bow clutch (there is a thread about that) and as far as I know that clutch is not limited edition.
    If I am not mistaken that I have read someone see another bow bags(maybe like yours) in New York Store. try to go back that thread and might help you
  3. Hi Justified

    Thanks for the prompt reply ! and your comments.Will take them into consideration.

    Just curious are you refering the tote to the clutch or the small little prada leather bag with the bowtie on the outside?
  4. It is a really cute bag.
  5. yes i agree,being a sucker for bright colors i got to have the red. but just don't know if its really going to be limited edition as they claim.

    I know the leather version come in various colors,but i still yet to see a red nylon version