Dilemma btw:alexa and the new mulberry ,pls help

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  1. I'm intend to buy regular size alexa in oak but after i saw the new mulberry below I'm hesitate what should i get.Do u guys know the size of the new mulberry?.I want the one that can be more last long through ages and can be use in every ocassion.thanks for all of your opinions
  2. Hi, I don't think there is any detailed information yet eg. exact size, but looking at the pics (given the stick insect model size) it seems the H & W is slightly smaller than reg. Alexa but it has Depth, so the capacity must be pretty similar?

    Oak Alexa will be still around next season I guess, so if you can wait till the above one comes out and consider side by side?? The outside pocket is really what Alexa clutch, have you open & close it in the shop? it is fiddly and that's one thing I wasn't keen on Alexa hobo - for me the outside pocket should be easy access, totally my personal opinion though. I have reg Alexa and whole frap is fiddly anywayy lol!!

    Good luck. Sorry not much help am I :P
  3. Hmm, I wouldn't be too keen on this new style. As ratrat said, it looks fiddly with the outside pocket. Too busy, whereas Alexa looks more functional. There is another style coming out, which basically looks like the Bayswater with a messenger strap. Maybe wait for that and have a look?
  4. mmm i think i still prefer the regular alexa, i would imagine that its slightly bigger than the pictured bag??
  5. I love this bag but wouldnt want it instead of an Alexa sadly. I think the Alexa is a classic shape, so would go with this, and if you are lucky and you see this new style bag at a later date, get it as a secondary bag but I think they are going to be quite different :smile:
  6. Some ladies didn't like the sides pulling out on the Alexa (I don't know how to explain this better). This new style is differently designed, I guess it is more structured, so it will not have that problem. The zipper is also handy, but the outer pocket will probably be a bit fiddly to get inside. Sizewise they look pretty much the same...?
  7. Alexa looks much better...sorry...this is just weird..its like lately all Emma Hill do is..hmmm...what can I paste Alexa clutch on....hence the disasterous hobo from last season and now this bulky camera-esque bag
  8. ^^^^ lol
  9. I thought she wanted move away from boxier bags, hence the retiral of Mabel and Roxy. This looks like it may be another Frankenbag,

    I saw a lovely Black Mabel on the train yesterday. So elegant and lovely and functional too. Seller's remorse bubbled up instantly.
  10. Just based on the photo, I prefer this bag; however, I don't think it will hold as much. The size of it wouldn't work for me, whereas the alexa would.
  11. I think I would go for an alexa over the new style. Imho, Alexa has made enough of an impact on the fashion scene to already be considered a 'classic'. The new style may only be around for one season and tbh I far prefer the look of alexa anyway. The new one does look too much like a camera bag, to my mind! xx
  12. Sorry to provide another link, but have you watched the show? http://blog.mulberry.com/2010/09/20/

    Having seen the bags 'in action' now, I think the camera bag is a bit small for me. You definitely get a better idea of size etc in the vid.