dilemma! brown vs. tan vs. black vs. beige bag for everyday

  1. i'm in a quandary and have nowhere else to turn! i'm really close to getting a large barbara bui tote for fall but can't decide on a color. i think it could make a good diaper bag b/c 1) it's large, 2) lightweight, 3) multiple compartments inside, and 4) can be wiped down inside.

    the options are brown, tan, black or bone/offwhite. both the brown & offwhite are distressed. also, what you do you think of this bag? i also have a paddy in gunmetal, prob. not practical with a baby so might be out of rotation for a bit, but is this bag too similar?

    thanks for any advice!!




    and black
  2. I would go with either the beige or black if it's an everyday wear...that way it will go with any outfit.
    BTW, I love the beige bag in the picture....who is that made by?
  3. thanks! it's barbara bui - i'm not 100% sure if that one's real but i found it at footlux.com, they also carry it at the bb stor in nyc.
  4. Neimans sells the brown version of the bag for $935
  5. I'd go with a brown or black bag for everyday. Choose whichever goes best with your wardrobe.

    I like that beige bag but IMO light colors in general don't work for everyday and they show dirt and wear and tear a lot faster.
  6. I think that bag looks best in beige or tan. Tan would be less likely to show dirt right away, so I would pick that one. I think it is much more versatile than black, but that is just me!
  7. Tan or black for me!
  8. I think the tan and the black are great
    For everyday the beige will get dirtied easily
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