Dilemma - Brand New Rivington PM or Preloved Tulum GM?

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What should I do?

  1. Keep the Rivington! It's great for the rainy season!

  2. Return the Rivington and get the Tulum GM!

  3. Return the Rivington and wait for a better deal on the Tulum!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hey guys...need some help here!

    Last week I went to banff and bought a Damier Rivington PM..
    it was a rushed decision because I was only there for 30 minutes and wanted to get something with less tax (I'm from Vancouver and we have 12% tax..Banff has 5%!)

    Anyways, I was at first looking for a crossbody bag and I tried the Odeon and I thought it looked too plain and the vanchetta was just too much for the rainy weather in Vancouver..so I asked for something Damier and I saw the new bags and tried the Rivington on and it looked cute so I bought it

    But then, my mom showed me an old magazine and I saw the Tulum GM and it looked PERFECT. Also I saw someone at the mall with one and it looked so cute on her. It was like a sign...I saw like 3 Tulum GMs in 1 day and I've never seen one before that day.

    Anyways, I found a couple of local sellers online that were willing to sell me their authentic Tulum GMs for about $700. Not the best price but the bags were in pretty good condition. Also I have 2 young kids so keeping a crossbody bag that is convertible seems like a good investment..

    BUT, the Damier rivington is also just too cute and it was my first Damier item...and I wouldn't be worried about the rain if I used it. BUT, it's purely a shoulder bag...

    What should I do? I want both but I think my husband would kill me...

    Should I return the Rivington and get the practical Tulum GM?

    Or should I keep the Damier and forget about the Monogram? I already have a Mini Monogram Crossbody and also a Gucci crossbody...

    Or should I secretly get the Tulum ? hehe

    BTW....is $700 for a used Tulum GM a good deal??
  2. Sounds like you have your heart set on the Tulum. I think you should get it and yes $600-$700 is a good price for a Tulum GM. Good luck!
  3. Haha I know what you mean about "secretly getting" bags behind our DH's backs lol.

    It sounds like you do love the Tulum GM and I'd get that because it's a good price. You can probably get the Rivington later on.
  4. I'd keep the Rivington.
  5. Keep the rivington!
  6. That's a good price for the Tulum. As for getting it...well, looking at your collection you seem to enjoy crossbody bags. If crossbody is more your style than shoulder, go for the crossbody and put the money you save from the Rivington towards something else you like. But if you love the Rivington, keep it - it is a cute and maintenance-free bag, but if you *don't* love it you'll end up leaving it in the closet for ages.
  7. keep the rivington :biggrin:
  8. Get the Tulum GM. I love mine and am glad that I have it, because it is discontinued. Plus it can be used as a shoulder bag and as a cross body piece. Also, $600-700 is a good price considering mine was over $1300 when I got it brand new...
    Good Luck deciding!
  9. Could you 'secretly' get the Tulum and your DH wouldn't notice?
  10. I have the Rivington PM, and I love it! My vote is for the Rivington.:P
  11. Thank you everyone..but I think I'm going to return the Rivington and get a....

    Neverfull MM in Damier Ebene :P

    I only have 2 days left until the 14 days are up for the return so I called LV today and they told me my store had 1 NF left in Ebene..I'm heading over tomorrow to get it and also returning the Rivington.

    The rivington is a beauty BUT in terms of practicality, the chances of me using it is about...maybe once a year (and that's if I have a wedding to go to). Also I thought the bag was a bit too "puffy" and that it kept sticking out under my arm. Luckily I haven't used her once so I can still return it since it's brand new. I'm too casual and with 2 young kids I need something that can fit a lot (and also fit my ipad...) and I thought maybe the NF would be a good alternative...big enough for all the necessities (bibs, towels, snacks, water bottle for the kids...etc) and also for extras (my own stuff, an extra jacket..etc). Also it's casual enough as I only wear jeans and sneakers.

    As for the Tulum...I'll get it under the radar..hehe
    can't pass on it since it's such a versatile bag!
  12. GL! All of those bags are great so you really can't lose!
  13. Get the NF and the Tulum, your DH will not kill you, you have 2 kids lol.