Dilemma: Bow or Coffre?


Oct 19, 2008

sorry to bother... but i need all the help i can get to make a wise decision...

i have been saving some money and i really want to invest in something classy and durable (because normally i carry lots of things in my bag, ie. books, etc.).

So what do you advise me: the black bow with gold hardware or the black coffre with gold hardware?

p.s. any help will be deeply appreciated... thanks:tup:
Aug 1, 2008
Hi sasasa

please read the threads regarding the bow, there have been some quality issues with it, I am not a bow owner, I own as suede coffer which i really love. It has been said that the coffer is more durable, and it does hold a lot of things. There are plenty of pockets to store your nick naks, two deep front pockets, for keys phones tissues etc and one inside zipped pocket, mabey to store money.

The design is timeless, really classy, with a matalesse effect, i would go for the coffer


Sep 16, 2006
I bet the Coffer holds more, but I vote for the Bow. I get a ton of compliments on that bag and it's pretty easy to get in and out of.


Oct 10, 2006
I have both and it depends on what you like in a bag. The Bow is adorable. Seriously. But it does not have any outside pockets. You will have no choice but to have your wallet, keys, cell phone, lip gloss, etc. all tossed in the bag and you will need to fish for items. That's fine, you can carry it on your wrist or messenger style, it's great.

The Coffer is probably the most practical while still packed full of style. It has two huge front pockets. Those pockets make all the different from an access standpoint because you can put your cell phone, cardkey, bit of cash, plane ticket, etc. in the front pockets while never having to open the bag. it can be carried by hand or messenger style, and a benefit is it lies flat against you, so if you are carrying messenger style, it looks very stylish on.

They both have small inside zip pockets as most bags do. Won't bother commenting on hardware, I'm a silver fan but there are just as many gold hardware fans!


Mar 9, 2006
In my cozy room
Like Gatsby, i own both too. I would say both has its own pros and cons. Bow have no external pockets hence everything will have to go inside the bag. As for impt stuffs such as HP,keys etc, I kept them in the inner zip compartment of the bow! Its a slouchy bag by the way, coz when you shoulder carry it with the long strap, it sorts of slouch due to the design of the bag and my bow is so soft now due to frequent usage.

Coffer is a great bag, stylish and yet classic. The 2 front pkts are very useful and there's an inner zip compartment too. For me whenever i use my coffer, I tend not to clasp it so that it would be easy to get my stuffs (as i'm always in a hurry). Just for your info, the Coffer is my most adored bag. I love it!!!

As with both bags, i say they are the staples of MIUMIU! Good luck with your choice.